Friday, September 10, 2010


Guess what?!

I passed my first clinical phase!

WAHOO!!!! One down and three to go. I can't believe it. One whole month (almost) of my internship done. Score! Looks like alllll those presentations at BYU paid off. Also someone mistook me for a doctor today....BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. No. Not even close but I guess wearing a spiffy white lab coat (that weighs about 20 pounds due to pocket guides, papers, calculators, a pager, and pens--I should get a pocket protector) can be deceiving.

Also it's Friday. I'm sleeping in a little tomorrow, doing homework, going to get ice cream at BTO, the place to get ice cream so I hear (or frozen yogurt), watching BYU football and then learning how to make a beanie with a new friend (thank you Emily!). ROCK on. Funny story. Last year I had a group of pals known as "Fetti Four." Well one of our "Fetti" members has a brother down in Tucson who I ran into this evening. What are the odds?!?!? And this dude knows the cool places in Tucson AND longboards--DOUBLE SCORE!

"Fetti Four"

Things are looking up!

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Ashley and Kevin said...

Hook it up, Gabe Babe! :O)