Thursday, September 2, 2010


Tomorrow is Friday. THANK GOODNESS.
Other "thank goodness moments"....

1. It's cooling off. THANK GOODNESS.

2. Thank goodness for moms, my mom in particular because she knows exactly what to say. I'm still not having a good time adjusting but it has gotten better. Doing this internship strikes me with fear that I will forever be stuck working at a hospital with sick people and to be frank, it's depressing. Yes I want to help people but it's difficult to help people when you see them once, maybe twice or more before they are discharged home. Plus I don't like hospitals ok? I don't. Sports dietitian. THAT is what I want to do. That makes me all giddy and excited. Oooooh yeah. And I'm sorry for the constant discussion about dietetics/my internship. I'll be done in May people. THANK GOODNESS.

3. Sometimes I have second and third and nintey-fifth thoughts about being a dietitian. Do I really want to do this? Sometimes yes, sometimes "WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING?" But my mom kindly opened my eyes to a few things and that helps. I want December. I want my mom and some TLC and New England and snow and f r e e z i n g cold and Boston and fireplaces and my family including Scottie the dog.

4. I love my brothers. And talking to them on the phone. And being best friends. Enough said.

5. I gave my first internship presentation yesterday to all the dietitians on fluoride supplementation (don't get too excited) and it went well (read: I didn't pass out for hyperventilation or give myself adult-shaking syndrome, ha, bad joke...). Also we got progress reports and so far so good. For the record-I hate being the new kid who has no experience. Just sayin'.

6. It's September. Monday is Labor Day--day offf!!!! and my birthday is in 13 days. !!!!!!

7. I was invited to go to Mexico for the weekend. Too bad I don't have a passport.

8. I want to go clubbing or dancing. I was jammin' to Usher, Taio Cruz, and Jason Derulo this evening and all of the sudden my break-dancing self wanted to get her groove on. Thank goodness for solo dance parties in bedrooms alone (and yes there may have been a mirror that I was dancing in front of....). And loving every moment of it.

9. I'm going to go watch Covert Affairs and White Collar. I love those shows.

10. BYU Football. Saturday. (small tear because I'm not there...) YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the college sports begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AB said...

Yeah for fluoride! haha I think that everyday Gabe....I think is this really the career I chose? Some days are good, some bad, but you will definitely never regret your degree. I am sure you will find your dream job!