Sunday, October 24, 2010

sunday scribbling: curious

#238 - Curious

What do you make of curious?

I like this prompt. A lot.
Are you one of those people who when they get a call from an unknown number choose not to answer?
Well, I am not. More often than not, I answer it because I am too curious! I have to know who is calling!
In high school I discovered the website while doing a project and loved it. Also once I discovered the beauty of Google, I had vast amounts of knowledge at my fingertips. Fascinating. I think this is one of the reasons I fell in love with the medical field; I was and am so amazed and curious about how the human body works. I mean seriously, think about it. You get hurt and your body heals. You eat food and miraculously your body breaks it down and uses it for fuel. Fascinating right!?!? Yes! But not just the medical field. There are lots of things that are fascinating. History, art, music. So interesting. I recently when to a Philharmonic concert and how one human being can compose such a beautiful piece is beyond me but I love it. I guess I always equate curiosity with learning because they go hand in hand. It's a beautiful thing.
So, what are you curious about!??! Go read! Go learn! Go watch Mythbusters!

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