Saturday, October 16, 2010


Having spoken to both of my brothers and my mother today, and having finished my studies for the day--four and a half hours thank you very much--I came home and found I had a few moments of free time.

Rare indeed!

So, I checked my mail, surfed facebook, and then pondered what to do next.

Ah hah! Read a blog.

But not just to read the lastest post. I like to read the old posts because some blogs are so good they are liking reading a good book and it just delights me. So, I zipped over to here and promptly began to immerse myself in the life of a Brooklyn girl with a home in New Hampshire. I think we'd be good friends. And for a quite a few moments I was lost in her world of antiques, flowers, old family photos, pie, old clothes, and other splendid things with swirly thoughts, dreams, and hopes of what my own future will hold. It was then that I stumbled across this post. Go look! THEN that post led me to here and now I want a themed wedding with fantastic old school photos too. Except I would just love a 40 or 50s theme, but the flapper dresses are quite fantastic. I have a photo of my grandmother in a flapper dress and she looks absolutely darling. She even let me have the photo and I adore it. I tried to rummage through my things to find it but alas, no luck. I know it's here somewhere. Which reminds me, my grandmother has a photograph of the late Roger Christiance, my maternal grandfather who passed away in 2008. Sadly, I didn't know him too well except I do remember when we went to visit my grandparents when they lived in Georgia. We were eating cereal one morning and I couldn't stop giggling over my rice crispies because we kept listening to them snap! crackle! and pop!. Wonderful memory. but when I went to my grandmother's for Thanksgiving last year, I was looking through an an old photo album (FYI: I LOVE old photo albums thus my future children will have ample photos of my family and of them someday) and there was a stunning photo of my grandfather. He was so handsome: the voice of Dean Martin and the looks of Sinatra in one handsome. And he wasn't looking directly at the camera, so a candid photo, and he was wearing a handsome sweater. He just looked so perfect. So picturesque. And with a name like Roger, how could you not be? To me he looked like the classic 1950s gentleman. I truthfully am at a loss for words, except not (when I am, really?). Gosh I stared at that photograph for forever and kept going back to it. I meant to make a copy of it because it's such a perfect photograph.

Next time I will.

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Shannon Gish said...

Those blog links were great...and your grandfather sounds like he was a "dream."