Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who Ya Gonna Call?


This evening two of my roommates and I and some of our pals went to watch an outdoor movie at a park. It was so fun! The weather was perfect, the movie was funny, good company, good times! Bill Murray is so funny. Gosh I love him. Next week we're going to watch Young Frankenstein. I'm pretty excited.

Have you ever had a week where you just can't remember what happened 2 hours ago? This week I feel like I had to remind myself to eat, take a bathroom break, breathe, and sleep. It's been CRAZY! Working with trauma and ICU patients is sure not easy but it's fun. I am a nerd and LOVE calculating formulas. I know, I'm weird. Scary thought though--when someone asks me what I do I usually answer "saving lives with nutrition!," or something witty and it's kind of true but mostly it's kind of a joke. Except now it's not. I actually could potentially cause serious damage or kill someone if I gave a patient the wrong formula, or started them on tube feeds too soon. SCARY. Also, please take care of your kidneys and liver ok? Just do it. I'm really tired of seeing people with chronic kidney disease or liver failure. It's just not fun. Be nice to your body and you will be a very happy old person. Trust me.

Bedtime. I'm exhausted. My eyes are dry. I think I might need glasses, or maybe my eyes have been strained from staring at computer screens and charts and journal articles allllll day. I have a tension headache or maybe it's from all the learning I've done this week. My brain is expanding trying to fit it all! Oh! I had Chipotle for the first time yesterday. Delish! Also. Tomorrow is Friday. Oh HAPPY DAY!

Happy Weekend!