Monday, October 11, 2010


I can't promise this post will be very exciting. I just felt the need to update my blog.

It's Monday. I started Phase 3 (of 4) of my clinical rotation today and I'm pretty happy about being 1/2 way done. Thank goodness. That's all I will say. For now.

Oh! I just thought of a story. Ok, I'm pretty much a regular-flier, not a frequent-flier but a regular so I've got the routine down pat, I know when to buy tickets, how to get the best sales, etc., well at least most of the time. At this point, I'm not all at phased when I get a call from an airline telling me a flight has been rescheduled or canceled. Eh, it happens. Also I booked my flight home for Christmas in July....I know, I'm SO something is bound to happen. Anyway, I was bummed about having to reschedule my flight because originally my brother and I would arrive in Boston at the same time (flying from different places, cool right?!) and I just have this (silly) visual of my brother and I having this cheesy reunion in the airport, both exhausted from red eyes but so excited to be home. In reality, I'll probably be the one to cause a ridiculous scene because I'm going to be VERY excited to see my brother and VERY excited to be home. Except I might freeze because I have no jackets here in AZ. It'll be worth it. I hope it snows. LOTS. Anyway, last week I rescheduled my flight to leave the day after my original flight...sad day. But then I discovered a flight that leaves 2 hours later than my original flight (with me still?) and gets in 1 1/2 hours after my original flight so I can still have my cheesy reunion with my brother and save my mom from having to come into Boston twice in one day. So I called the airline and 30 minutes later and lots of waiting and praying and hoping, I got the flight! Hooray! The morale of this tale: it pays to be sweet and nice to the airline rep helping you. December can't get here any sooner....
Also my darling roommate Sarah hung fabric autumn leaves around the window in my room next to my bed and it makes me VERY happy.

Also I went to the gym today. Hooray!
Ok, this post is lame. I'm signing off.


emily said...

I don't think your post is lame... I like to know what you are up too :) I am still planning on you coming for Thanksgiving!!

Sarah said...

:) ♥♥♥