Sunday, October 3, 2010

Le Weekend

Fun things from this weekend:

#1. GENERAL CONFERENCE. Since I'm no longer enjoying the luxury of BYUtv or cable, my roommates and I streamed it online. No worries, I was still able to enjoy the luxury of waking up about 10 minutes before it began. Loved it. LOVED IT. Good talks and I'm feeling inspired and ready to rock for another 6 months.

#2. Yesterday I finally got my hair trimmed. My hair has been toasted living in AZ and not having in properly trimmed in....a few months or so. It feels and looks much better. Also I brought back my side swept bangs. And no, I did not take a picture because I forgot. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

#3. Two of my roommates and I got all dolled up yesterday and went out to eat. Good news, my skinny jeans still fit. I was worried that since I spend most of my life right now in a hospital, both vitamin D deficient from ZERO sunlight and no time to exercise (hey, YOU find time to exercise when you're working for free from 7:30am to 6:30pm and you still have research to do, articles to read and assess and understand (ha!), presentations to prepare, studying to do, and whatever else they decide to give us to do!). I'm signing up for my wicked cheap gym membership tomorrow though. I neeeeeed to exercise!!!! I can't go running because I don't want to get kidnapped and by time I get home it's too dark and don't worry that it's still 100 degrees here. Yuck. Gym it is.

#4. My mom is wicked wise. No really, she is. And she always gives me good advice. For example, I'm seriously considering moving to, wait for it, NYC after I'm done. I am just dying to live in a city. DYING to do it!!! I'm young, I'm single, I've got too much energy and I'm a born explorer and I love to walk (thank you mom), so I'm just dying to try out the city life. And since I adore reading Hither and Thither, An Apple a Day, and Reagan's Blob, all who live in NYC and who have the most wonderful, grand, and exciting adventures, I'm just dying to give it a try! So pray that it happens because then I'll stop pining and whining for the east (cue choirs of angels singing "Hallelujah" and choir of thankful sighs from all who endure my constant, CONSTANT pining for the east). PleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseOHPLEEEEASE let it happen!

Or here?
Where do you think I should go?

#5. It's October. I love October. Happy Fall!

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Shannon Gish said...

Of course, I would vote for Boston - duh! BUT you would LOVE the Big Apple! I say go for it. I'll add it to the prettypleaseprettyplease with sugar on top portions of my prayers for you.