Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dr. McSteamy

I've thought about writing this post for a few days now and decided to just do it because, well, it's kind of ridiculous and mostly amusing. To me. Hopefully to you too. Read on...

About a month ago I was in the charting room on a certain floor working up a patient and I kept running into this doctor, cardiologist I think. Several times a day. No big deal, just amusing to me since I rarely run into the same doctor or medical team because I'm constantly zipping from floor to floor, wing to wing. For the following couple of weeks we would run into each other and it turned into awkward moments where you glance at each other with a look that says, "hey, I see you all the time, hey!!!" but you never actually acknowledge that fact or speak to each other. This is followed by glances away, awkward, shy glances back and glances away again.
THEN when I started my rotation on the ICU floors I saw this doctor ALL. THE. TIME. No joke. I would be charting on a patient and around the corner he would come! More awkward glances. However, last week I was charting and he came and sat next to me as he too was working on my patient. And we finally talked. But it was so awkward. Look at each other, hesitate, finally make a comment. Actually the patient next to us peed all over the floor and it was hilarious. Poor nurse. So that was the first time we shared a conversation...laughing at a patient peeing all over the floor. Classy right? And then it turned into several times a day we would run into each other. So I decided I needed a code name and voila!, Dr. McSteamy (which I realize is not original but it was the first thing that came to mind and let's be honest for about 4.78 seconds, he's young, cute, and a doctor, thus Dr. McSteamy. Makes sense right?). I even saw him and his team when I was going to the peds floor and I never see the cardiology team there. Odd. Amusing. And slightly awkward because he was with his team and we looked at each other and silently said hi.
What? It's something funny to look forward to! Minor crush? Maybe but it's harmless and it gives me something to look forward to besides asking people about their bowel movements and appetite. Except no Dr. McSteamy sightings this week. Sad day.

Maybe tomorrow!?


Shannon Gish said...

Gabe-o-rama I LOVE you! Here's hopin' for a McSteamy sighting today.

Ruthie K said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to have a McSteamy sighting too!

The Meyers said...

Best post ever. Definitely something to make clinical rotations more exciting. :)