Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lex Luthor, Thanksgiving, and ice cream

Know this guy? He's the bad guy from Superman or Smallville. Personally I prefer the Dean Cain Superman. Anyway, every time I go to the gym, I see one of the personal trainers who looks like Lex Luthor! Bald, sinister and all. I suppose I'd be sinister too if I were a personal trainer, making people run faster and harder and lift more (muah ahahah!). Sometimes I catch myself staring just because he looks so much like Lex. Amusing. At least it keeps me distracted for a few minutes while I bike away. Which reminds me, there are 3 TVs for me to watch while I'm working out: One usually is news (boring, biased, and obnoxious 97% of the time. It's true and you know it!), one for sports (yay!) , and one is miscellaneous (hit or miss). Well the misc TV was playing "Mythbusters" and I love that show and this particular episode was about pirate myths. SCORE! I was even more excited because I knew it would certainly distract me during my workout but then some retard guy turns it to..."The Simpsons." Really? Joy. Thank you sir. NOT. So it turned into 45 minutes of watching old ladies and ridiculous buff guys lift weights. Yes, it was awesome.

In AWESOMELY EXCITING NEWS (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!):
My brother Heath is COMING TO TUCSON for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!! You really have no idea how happy this makes me. There aren't enough exclamation points in the world. I'm SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SO happy. SO happy. I beam and smile from ear to ear just thinking about it. BLISS! I'm so excited.

And since my roommate owed us ice cream, she finally paid up and bought Dreyers chocolate chip cookie dough. Oh. my. gosh. I LOVE it. No really. Ice cream is my kryptonite (how'd you like that connection to Superman?? Ha!). I'm such a happy camper right now.

Tomorrow is Friday. Hallelujah because I DID NOT get today off. Lame. Happy Veteran's Day! And thank you Uncle Shawn and Grandpa Christiance and all the veterans for all you have done and do!

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