Friday, December 10, 2010

It's a beautiful day.....

Today was FAB.

My roommate gave me permission to wake her up and I immediately knew what I was going to do. I contemplated jumping on her...but that's not very nice. So I went to bed eagerly waiting to wake up so I could blast "I'm Walking on Sunshine." However when I woke up my internet was not cooperating so I instead blasted "It's a Beautiful Day" by U2. And true to the song, it was indeed a beautiful day.

All the interns arrived 1/2 early for breakfast with one of our preceptors. She brought us hot chocolate and coffee and we ate muffins and greek yogurt with granola and fruit and chatted. It was fun and our preceptor, Fons, is awesome. She actually intimidates me with her vast knowledge and sarcasm but that also makes me appreciate her and aspire to be like her. She's going to be a ROCKIN' PA someday. Anyways, our breakfast even makes us sound like we're a bunch of dietitians doesn't it? Sick, I know. But the muffins were chocolate chip and the greek yogurt had lots of fat, feel better? It was delish.

I busted through my first 3 patients, which took forever because I had to contact the nurses, then the techs, then the doctors, then run down to the kitchen, then to talk to a pt's son, then the sister of a pt, then the social worker and on and on. Geez louise I was so busy and I loved it! Time was flying, I was successfully contacting people and getting the information I needed, feeling useful and busting out my notes like crazy. My preceptor was impressed, and this particularly preceptor is VERY nit-picky so I was feeling ecstatic.
So, I called the team for one of my patients and they happened to be on the same floor as me so we decided to chat in person. I rounded the corner.

And then.

I saw him.

DR. MCSTEAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I SAW HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We looked at each other. Then we did a double-take. Then we smiled at each other and let me tell you, I was so, so, so, so, so, so excited. He's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well he wasn't wearing a lab coat but he was wearing a suit and OH. MY. GOSH. Very few things make me happier than a fine looking man in a suit. Thus, I was blissfully, BLISSFULLY happy. I spent the rest of my day working away and then getting all giddy by the thought that I saw Dr. McSteamy and he saw me and he made a point to smile at me. *sigh*

I'm kind of sad my clinical rotation is over next Friday. These past 2 weeks I've finally felt like I got into my groove and I feel like I know what I'm doing, well, most of the time. I've still got a lot to learn (renal diet....) but I've enjoyed staff relief. And I may be slightly biased by that fact that this past week has been great, especially today but I'm finally feeling confident (a fragile confidence but at least it's there!).

And I'm wearing my Christmas socks today. And tomorrow I'm going to Mesa and I'm going longboarding. Then Sunday I have to work and I'll be on my own (with a dietitian as back up but still, pretty much on my own). Dun dun dun! Then a Christmas party and game night later that evening. Then Winterhaven Monday night--a neighborhood that apparently goes ALL out for Christmas. I'm talking lights coordinated with music and all that jazz. COOL! Then Wednesday I don't have to work. Then Thursday I have a presentation to the ICU Med team residents-- woo woo! Then Friday I GO HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!
My mom said she's been baking up a storm and I'm prayin' for a Nor'easter. Don't hate New Englandahs but I'm praying and pleading and dreaming of snow so please, just humor me. I'm a creature of habit, I expect cold weather and snow. Nor'easter! Nor'easter! Nor'easter!

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