Saturday, December 18, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Without fail, every time I fly home I always get a little choked up as I am descending into Boston or Manchester, and then end up beaming like a 5-year-old staring out at the ocean and the city. I can't help it. I love New England, my home, so much. Words are so inadequate.

But I love being home this time because...

-It's cold. Don't hate but I'm a creature of habit. I like my four seasons (hear that AZ, I said 4!) and that includes bitter cold and snow in the winter. I've found it extremely difficult to get into the Christmas spirit this year with weather in the 80s. Just sayin'. Bring on the snow!!!!!

-I love to get decked out in my winter get-up. Scarves, mittens, sweaters, boots, wool socks, extra blankets!

-I like to curl up next to the woodstove or fireplace and read, veg, or watch TV

-Cuddling in the cold, oh yeah! Just sayin'

-I'm going to Boston

-I may be going to NY with my mom and we're hitting up some bakeries---oh YEAH!

-I love my family. So much. I'm just SO happy to see them all and be near them, tease them, laugh with and at them, hug them. I love them!

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