Monday, December 20, 2010


Let's just cut to the chase. It's SNOWING. SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am absolutely cheery! Heath gets angry every time I clap my hands and squeal "SNOW!!!!!" Well, he can be Scrooge if he wants but I'm just so happy.

Sorry it's not the best picture but I was too excited to perfect it. SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!

Cool huh? I love snow globes.

Today was splendid. I slept in, in my own bed, snuggled like a bug in a rug and it was cooozy. Heath and I had a lunch date with GP (that's Grandpa) for lobstah. You'd think I hadn't eaten in days or something the way I destroyed my lobstahs. Oh YUMMY.

Then Heath and I went Christmas shopping. Woo! Love shopping in NH. NO salestax. Thank you NH. Also I have a new favorite place in my house.

See that couch in the back? Onthe right (with my computer)? It's officially my spot. It's cozy and right next to the woodstove.

And I love my pooch.

Except sometimes he says, "No more pictures please."

The brothers and I decorated the Christmas tree last night. I LOVE it. Part of the reason I love my little cozy spot is I'm close to the tree which smells yummy and looks pretty. I like twinkle lights.
And I love how well stocked my mom keeps the candy jars. Thanks Madre. :)

And I love these dudes.


The Gobbles said...
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The Gobbles said...

I love your house! I still can't believe I haven't come out there yet for the grand tour of New England...this needs to happen soon!

Gabe said...

Um YES PLEASE!!!! Shawna I feel like you've been here about a zillion times so it's a sign. You have to come.

Jingle said...

sweet shots.