Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bawstan (translated: Boston)

It just wouldn't be a complete trip home without visiting the city that has captured my heart and soul. As always...I just never have enough time to soak it all up. Some day...(soon!)....

I swear I am meant to be Italian because I am absolutely smitten with the North End/Italian section. The history alone is fascinating. And it's gorg (read: gorgeous). We were heading to....

THE BEST pizza place ever. I'll say it until I'm blue in the face. Pizzeria Regina's. If you love pizza, you MUST go here. It looks like a hole in the wall but it's not! The place is like stepping into an Italian family's pizzeria in the 1950s. The decor is fabulous and celebs alike have come from afar to eat here. It's well worth the wait. I highly recommend Pollo Pesto. And yes, I can eat an entire pizza by myself. It's that good.

Our next destination was the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. We decided to walk to the BMFA from the North End. It's quite a hike but we needed it after eating all the DELICIOUS pizza. We hopped from the North End...

...through the Financial District, dipped into the Theatre District for a street, and decided to cut through the Boston Commons and Public Garden. This is a photo taken right before cutting through the Commons.
While walking through the Commons we came upon this guy who clearly is not having a rough winter. Chubs.
Then we decided to walk Newbury Street (it's Boston's 5th Ave, but better, in my opinion. Just sayin'). The shops are exquisite and the brownstones posh. Plus, it's Boston!

And then! We saw it. Pinkberry!!! Have you seen the "Harvard Sailing Team: Boys with be Girls" clip? No? Ok. Click here and watch, laugh, and understand why we just had to stop here. It was delish.

It was getting dark as we made it to our destination and I couldn't help but snap this shot of the Prudential Center.

Hooray for Boston!

P.S. My darling pooch sleeping next to me smells like Fritos, yes, as in the chips. Yummm...but odd.

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Ashley Jensen said...

How fun! I really wanna go there someday, especially now that my brother is there serving a mission. I think he's in Lynn, MA right now. How the heck have you been? What's next for you now?