Sunday, February 13, 2011

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days where you swear the world is out to get you? Yeah!? You do!? Great. Today would be one of those days and let me just tell you, it's been a while and I had forgotten how much I hate them. Yes, hate. I feel like I'm in a funk.

I went horseback riding yesterday, which was AAAAAAAAAAAMAZING! I loved it! I'm as sore as could be today though. And, I almost died yesterday. I know I'm treating this situation lightly, which I shouldn't because I really did almost die but I don't really know how else to treat it. Here's what happened. We were going up some rough terrain with some steep parts and the rider and horse in front of my went up this narrow spot and it was tricky but hey, they did it so Lightning and I could do it. Well, Lightning tripped or lost his balance or something and all of the sudden I found myself a few inches from the ground so I kicked myself off so Lightning wouldn't roll on top of me. I could hear him struggling to catch his balance and get up the rest of the steep part since there were two horses/riders RIGHT behind us and I know he wouldn't purposely step on me but still, I was on the ground and pretty much in the way. All I remember is turning over and seeing hooves coming towards my face and thinking "MOVE." I think my instincts kicked in (THANK GOODNESS) and I screamed and rolled over. Then I stood up and everything was fine. Lightning was ok, I was ok, everything was fine. I wasn't trying to play "tough girl" but I didn't want anyone to freak out. I was just trying to remain calm and truthfully, the seriousness of the situation hadn't set in. All I could think about was I didn't want to freak anyone out and I was worried about Lightning. Then later that day it hit me and I was all sorts of emotional. Geez. But I'm good. I have a SWEEEEEET bruise on my left knee, no seriously, it's pretty. I'm weird I know, but it's in the shape of paisley and all sorts of cool colors. I like to show it off. It's kind of hard to hide too.

Anyway, why am I telling you this? Well, I'm one of those people who feels about 1 trillion times better after I get stuff off my chest and after yesterday I have been all emotional and kind of shocked and freaking out you know? And honestly, all I wanted was to fly home ASAP and cling to my mom and my brothers and visit the ocean. Unfortunately that's not possible, which was really frustrating for me. Thus began the funk. So then I woke up and it hurt to move my entire body and it was 80 degrees outside. Sick. I was sweaty and overheated and annoyed. Then I was trying to get ready for church and was burning up and sweaty and my hair wasn't cooperating and all I wanted was a hug and my mom. Yes, I would like some whine with my cheese, thank you. So I called my mom and felt kind of better. I'm still feeling weird. Not a fan.

But....Happy Valentine's Day!

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Stephersnacks said...

holy snap!that is crazy! I'm glad you're ok and no horses stomped on you :)