Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Facebook Fasting

I've decided to go on a Facebook fast for a few days and I'm pretty psyched about it. In fact, I already feel better. And I think this will help me better use my time for more important things. And I just feel like it. You know? I'm just antsy and fidgety and in the mood for a big change, something random and spontaneous and perhaps a little reckless. Maybe I'll dye my hair. Also I feel like running. My goal tomorrow is 5 miles. Well 3 might be a little more realistic since I'll be in Phoenix all day for a showcase but whatever. Between 3 and 5 miles it is.


Jean said...

ahh that is the best picture! i need to do that too. facebook sometimes maybe takes over my life. :D

love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Gabe, I luv your blog..Lots of nic pix, too. Very interesting..I chose to follow your blog because it is interesting and I'm inviting you to check mine out and follow if you like..thnx for sharing...anna