Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I did it. I ran 3 miles. I couldn't do 5. There was absolutely no way that was going to happen. I went to Glendale today to the Cardinals' stadium for a food show. I ate a lot hence, no 5 mile run. Plus that was kind of a crazy idea anyways. But the food show was awesome. We had a lot of fun!!!
And how can you not have fun with a guy dressed as snazzily as this???
Honestly, that's one ROCKIN' outfit. And this is Flat Abigail. She is my cousin's version of Flat Stanley (based on book). I've been recruited to take Abigail around my digs and show her Tucson and other places and take pictures so here she is with me at the show. I can't wait to show her around and send my cousin back the pictures. It's such a cute idea!

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Renae said...

Awww all my students are getting back their flat travelers and it is SO fun for the kids to learn about all the fabulous places they go! You're such a great cousin :)