Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fabulous times with Fabulous Friends

So these are some of my AWESOME gal pals here in T-town. We have fun, lots of fun!

Out to get burgers, fries, and MILKSHAKES! Yum. Also there was a dress code (which was really only applicable to Kendi and me: knee-high socks, shades, shorts, and t-shirts. SO fun!)

Yup we were rockin' our socks!

Pita Jungle with Vicky and Clary!

I just love this picture. Clary (L) and Vicky (R). Clary is so spunky and fun. I just adore her. And Vicky keeps us grounded. Someone has to!

Roommates :) This was taken back in October but I like it. Love these girlies!

Friends are fabulous, wouldn't you agree?

Also I made red velvet cookies this evening with cream cheese frosting. DELISH. And I've decided one day I am going to be a cookie fairy. Let me explain.
This lovely woman (picture taken at my college graduation a year ago. I have no idea what my hair is doing) is my friend Marisa's aunt and she's awesome. She is known for her cookie fairy magic and I want to emulate her when I'm older. It will be FABULOUS. So thank you to Marisa's aunt for inspiring me. I'll be taking the east my storm. Surprising people with cookies, baking, and a cool name? I'm in! Just don't tell people my real identity ok?

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Jessica & Thomas said...

Gabe, you have a boyfriend?! Somehow I missed that memo! That's fabulous! I love hearing news like that and I'm glad things are going well for you with your internship. Sometimes I still miss the days we would get so excited and nerdy about our anatomy and nutrition. Good luck as you get ready to figure out your next step with jobs and such!

funny photos said...

it's rocking with friend... best frnd is so fabuleous...