Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picture Perfect

I like art. A lot. I don't know a ton about it but I'd like to. I do know that when I had to take humanities classes in college I fell in love with art, especially Impressionistic art. And I did enjoy critiquing and analyzing certain pieces. Doesn't hurt that my grandfather is a art history major and fuels my fire. I make it a point to visit the Boston Museum of Fine Arts every time I'm home and have big plans for NYC and Europe some day too. I wish I had the talent to draw and paint.

My roommate Kendi--who is a gem and an angel--has this painting in our bedroom. I'm in love with it.
I stare at it all the time in my room and find myself often getting lost in it dreaming and fantasizing of Italy (we won't even go there. Except I'm just saying, today is one of those days where I want to go there and to France so badly it hurts. I ache to go!!!). And then one day, Kendi told me I could have it. I think I just stared for a few seconds, awestruck that she would give me something so beautiful. I am SO excited!!!! What a generous thing to do and I don't think she knows just how much I love it. Thank you my dear friend!

Kendi's brother is quite the artist. I've seen some of his work in the bits and pieces Kendi brings back from home. One time she came home with this and I couldn't stop staring.

He has an incredible talent don't you think?? I'm trying to get him to paint something with the ocean in it but we'll see. Between the other picture and this one, I do a lot of staring and daydreaming. It's fun and quite relaxing.


WordMagician2K said...

them are some nice painting.im an artist with words.just work hard.eventually you become a good artist.

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nice blog. i think you are beautiful! <3

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