Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I was rummaging around the refrigerator for a snack before I left for work today and came across two bags of apples. I proceeded to do the smell test. What the dickens??, you may be be thinking. I like apples but only certain kinds and I really only like them at room temperature (I like my cake and pie cold and my apples at room temp, I'm weird, I know). I'm kind of picky when it comes to my apples and my absolute favorite is McIntosh apples. Yummmmmmmm. And they have a delicious smell. Well I discovered that there were already a couple in the fruit bowl and voila! One smelled like a McIntosh so I bit into it and my mouth was filled with sweet, succulent joy. Except there was something not quite right. I later discovered it was a "Jonamac" apple. Huh. Poser. Well, I plan to go some apple picking soon and when I do, I am picking 100% McIntosh. There is no need to tarnish perfection, thank you very much. Oh fall, how I love thee.

Can I tell you some exciting news? I have 2 clients, two. TWO. Cool right? Yes, the answer is yes. Want to know something cooler? I am meeting with two more tomorrow! Technically they are just hoping to tap into my knowledge and expertise (*gulp*), and I'm wicked excited. This makes me think at little more seriously about opening up my own practice someday. Maybe. Anyways, tomorrow I also get to join one of the dietitians I work with in ICU rounds. Apparently we have some very complex patients and the Clinical Manager made a comment that maybe I could help them out. I was pretty (really, incredibly, super, wicked) excited when she said that. I hope I can. 

Do you mind if I'm serious for just a quick sec? I'm getting really impatient. I was looking through my internship pocketbook yesterday as I was studying and I really almost started crying. I loved my clinical rotation; it was wicked hard but I loved it, learning, applying, making recommendations, talking to the doctors and med teams. I miss that. I miss it so much. I try not to compare myself because I know nothing good comes from comparing but I just feel like everyone else has a job and I'm the loser who is taking forever to get there. This only leaves me discouraged and disheartened so I try to be optimistic and grateful for a job right now and the joy I get in studying and dreaming on the day I get a job and how dang happy I will be.

Back to work. Lots to do this week on top of meeting with clients, I have work, a Sunday School lesson to prepare, my Relief Society "You-trition" lesson to polish, my brother's first home football under the lights, and dinner in Boston with a new friend.


Erica said...

What is your job? Sounds fun. Do you read Amberlee's blog? Your plight sounds familiar...

Jenna said...

Question for the lady with an acute apple palate: Have you tried Honeycrip apples? They are a big deal around here.