Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cider Dougnuts and Leaf-Peeping

My mom and I decided to head north to see the leaves in Vermont because it's peak season for them. On our way we had to stop for fresh cider doughnuts. I love New England country stores and apple season. The smell of apples is delish! The smell of hot cider doughtnuts....AMBROSIA.

It was so neat to watch they are made!


We got a dozen and each had 2 immediately. SO. GOOD. How we made it home and still had some for my brother, I don't know. 

Leaf-peeping was kind of a bust because the leaves haven't turned yet! I don't know it's because of the oddly warm weather we've had and then rain that plucked a lot of leaves off the trees but the colors weren't as vivid as I was hoping. But it was still really pretty. Rolling hills that looked like carpets and vibrant trees along the way. It was still grand. 

We stopped in Woodstock, yes that Woodstock. THE Woodstock. We were on the hunt guessed it! Something sweet! We were on a mission to find macaroons made my Sandra Bullock's sister who is a baker in this area. She sells her macaroons locally and we both follow her blog. Well we went into the cute general store that is supposed to carry them but alas, no luck. The town is really cute though so we didn't mind at all. Very New Englandly.

Yay for fall!!!

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