Monday, October 10, 2011

Sassy Redhead

I've noticed that when I am irritated and/or tired and/or stressed out I become very feisty  and sassy. Such has been the case the past few days. I'm about to step up on my nutrition pedestal so if you don't want to hear it, don't read on. Actually this is probably going to turn into a vent session. Ye be warned. 

Can I just tell you one thing that really riles me? Well, this could probably be an extensive list but at the top of it right now are uber-health freaks and those who subsequently think that because they read nutrition articles in People magazine and off MSN know more than me, who has had 5 years of formal education and training on the matter. Now, I'm not saying I'm a Nutrition Guru or Miss-Know-It-All but I  likely have more insight and more realistic insight than the journalist or uncertified nutritionist who wrote the article. I'm just sayin'. It's like listening to someone who has taken a few medical classes telling an MD what to do. NO. And again, NO. Fool. 

Like yesterday. I had an argument with someone over white flour because they claimed white flour is bad for you. I swear, the next time someone says a carbohydrate, and a white *GASP* carbohydrate, is "bad" is going to get a swift and hard smack across the face with a baguette from me. And then I'm going to make them eat the whole thing. FOR THE LOVE. Said person claimed white bread has no nutrients in it. Really? Because I can say with full confidence that you are dead wrong. In fact it has carbohydrates in it which YOU NEED TO STAY ALIVE or your brain and heart will stop working properly and eventually stop working all together. Not to mention every grain product in the USA must be legally fortified with B-vitamins before it hits the shelves. Now, while I would recommend whole wheat and whole grain over white any minute of the day, let's not be stupid, ok? Geez. Really, just stop undermining my knowledge ok? Just stop. I hate it. A lot. I realize that I'm going to get this a lot in my profession. I get it, but you know, sometimes I just asking for a little bit of respect. Sing it Aretha. 

Good grief. Sometimes these know-it-alls drive me insane. And now I am getting off my pedestal.

And you know what else makes me mad? The lack of common courtesy from people. I happen to send a certain someone pictures of our dog all of the time because said person misses our dog a lot. Has this person ever said thank you? No. Not once. But said person raves about it to my mom all of the time. Cool. You can take time out of your schedule EVERY DAY to call my mom but you can't spare 30 seconds of your time to even text me back a thank you? Awesome. Really, I'm sick of being under-appreciated. I don't need people to kneel at my feet and thank me but a, "hey thanks Gabe" even once would have been fine. 

And finally, I'm practically exploding with impatience and desire to be out of my own. I need a social life. I need friends. I'm dying without friends. Family is great, don't get me wrong. But everyone NEEDS friends and dang it, I want my friends. 

Sorry to be such a Debby-Downer but it's that kind of a week you know? 


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, I was just thinking about this today! About how annoying it is how people think that "oh I read an article about how honey is 1453290743% better for you than sugar and so I'm totally going to only eat honey because I "researched" it", and then don't even listen to you when you try to say something reasonable, even though you have a degree... yeah I hear you. I was even thinking about how I would never try to tell an engineer how they should build a building because I've lived in a house before. So I totally agree with you. So annoying.

Jenna said...

I read once about the benefits of chocolate, so now I try to incorporate it into every meal. ;)


A-Kap said...

I LOVED your enrichment lesson...and I ALMOST got on my own soap box about it as I get so dang frustrated with the whole "white flour is bad for you" thing. That was so great about your lesson that you emphasized how ALL food is good for you in one way or another...just in moderation. I'm a big fan of moderation. Except when it comes to chocolate and ice cream (not necessarily together).

Whitney said...