Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I accept.


Yes, I am now an employed, contributing member of society as a clinical dietitian in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. *excited giggles

I have been dying to blog about this since my last post but decided to keep things to myself until I had some concrete information to share.

Here's the scoop.
Washington DC interview---horrid. I was terribly unimpressed. The manager who interviewed me practically discouraged me from the job from the get go. Either she hates her job or really doesn't want to hire someone because her attitude was terrible. I will choose not to work for someone like you. I am supposed to hear back from them...sometime??...but whatev.

But that's not what you want to read about is it?!

Friday I was up at 4am and to the Boston airport by 6:30am to hop on a plane to Myrtle Beach. Arrived at noon, stepped outside to a delicious 65 degrees and a view that blew me away. 65 degrees. In December. And there are TREES AND WATER nearby!??? Perfection. Like the environment-check! The clinical manager kindly offered to show me around the entire day including a tour of the 2 hospitals which make up the hospital system they work for. But first....
Myrtle Beach. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Ocean Boulevard.

My initial thought was, it looks like the Miami screen shots from "Burn Notice." I've never been to Myrtle Beach, and it being the off season and all, it wasn't exactly hopping but it was really, really cool. It reminded me of Hampton Beach, but on Barry Bonds-worthy steroids (ZING!). 

And a straight shot south brought us to Murrells Inlet. 
I toured the hospital I would be working at, which was impressive. Cute, cozy, small, but nice. Not too big but not too small. Nice hospital--check. I met the dietitians and immediately felt at ease with them. The dietitians are fairly young, most in their 20s like me so that was comforting. Many are transplants so I wouldn't be the odd ball and for most this is their first job. Awesome. So basically we're all in the same boat! Yay! Basically, I was sold. Good group of people who I instantly feel comfortable joking around with and working with--check.

Next stop, the second hospital in Georgetown. Quick visit to the second hospital where I would be cross-covering. Quick interview with the department head aaaaand we're off! The clinical manager took me to dinner with one of the other dietitians and it was a blast. Very comfortable. We laughed, we joked, I felt like I have known these women for years. After dinner, we headed back to the airport and on the way the manager said she unofficially wanted to offer me the position. Naturally, I was THRILLED but tried to keep my cool...aha...right. (I was beaming, and grinning from ear to ear and I'm sure my eyes were ready to pop out with excitement). She said she wanted me to think about it over the weekend and we'd be in touch next week. We arrived at the airport and she dropped me off, shook my hand and said 7 beautiful words, "I look forward to working with you." Don't worry that I almost danced a jig.

Now, today. I had a missed call from the manager and my heart rate doubled. I called her back, we chit chatted and then she said she would like to officially offer me the position and then, almost nervously, added unless I needed more time. Aha no...I've been thinking about it since I got there! My response, "No I don't need any more time. I accept!" And then she burst out, "OH GREAT!!!! I'm so excited! They all loved you. I can't wait to tell everyone!" Now if that doesn't make you feel good and excited, I don't know what does. I have my own office that I share with ICU dietitian. Convenient since I'm hoping to get my CNSC. Excellent, most excellent.

So, it's official. I have a job. In South Carolina. ON THE OCEAN. It's the perfect first job for me. I can't wait. Now to find an apartment and get packing.
Pinch me now because I can't believe this!!! 

*PS...None of these pictures were taken by me. I refer you to Google Images. 


Ashley Jensen said...

Gabe that's incredible. It sounds perfect for you, I'm way excited for you!

Shannon Gish said...

Gabe, I want to go with... What an adventure. Congratulations doesn't even say all I feel for you. Woooohoooo!!! is much better.

Jenna said...

AAHHH! This is so great! I told Sam to focus his efforts in S. Carolina now!

T. X. Collington said...

Gabe! I'm new to your blog, but when I read this, I had to say CONGRATULATIONS! I am really excited for you. I hope all continues to go well for you now and even better in your future.


Renae said...

Wow, how perfect and exciting! Lots and lots of congratulations and have so much fun!!!!

The Gobbles said...

Yay! This makes me so excited and happy for you, plus this place looks amazing and the job sounds perfect!

sohel rana said...

Your post is very exciting.i like it...........