Friday, December 16, 2011


I strongly dislike apartment hunting. STRONGLY. What's even more annoying is trying to find a decent place to live when you are 900 miles away. 

Well friends, as it turns out, being a Red Sox fan has its fair share of perks (aside from loyally loving a fantastic team in a beloved city...even when we can't get out act together in hem). I found the perfect condo. The price was right, the amenities were right, location, everything. PERFECT. Instinctively I pounced on it like a cat on mouse and talked to the owner who happens to be a Red Sox fan, so naturally we bonded instantly. And she also happens to work at the hospital I will be working out. PERFECTION. There was one other person interested in it so I was second in line. Bust. But after a fabulous 15 minute conversation about Boston, the Red Sox, a hopping Red Sox bar we have to hit up when I get there, horrid Yankees fans, how awesome the hospital and area are, and her cute condo, she said I was a solid second choice. So, I waited. And waited. And pleaded and prayed and hoped and pleaded and kept looking at a wistful lover. Pathetic, but seriously. I want this condo. 

And then....

I got a text today and the condo is mine! HOOOOOOOOOOOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See? Red Sox fans are awesome. Our bond unmatched. It even gets you a condo.

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