Sunday, December 4, 2011

Melting Moments

I have a few "melting moments" this week while I was watching 2-year old twins J and E. 

1 I had just arrived and J quietly whispered to her mom, "Mom, my sister is here." How can you not melt at that!? 

2. The kiddos wanted to watch The Secret Garden so we popped it in and just as I said on a different couch, J said to me, "NO Gabe! Come cuddle with me!" Cuddling with the twins was nothing short of adorable. J and I played a game where I would blow bubbles with my gum and she would pop them. I think we played it 537 times and she giggled each time as though it were the first. 

3. We put together a Monsters Inc. puzzle at least 14 times. There are 6 pieces and each time one of them (they took turns) fit the last piece of the puzzle in, we clapped, giggled, and celebrated. Precious.

4. We had ice cream for lunch out of teeeeeny, tiiiiiny, cute little bowls. J and E giggled watching me eat ice cream (remember, I loooooooooove ice cream) and said, "Mom, Gabe is funny." Plus those bowls were so cute! I felt like I was 4 again and having a tea party. 

5. Making lunch and all of the sudden feeling two little people clinging to my legs. 

6. I was leaving and I slung my purse over my shoulder and J asked her mom where her purse was so could do the same. I left beaming and glowing inside.

I love kids. Legit, I can't wait to have my own kiddos. Don't judge but sometimes I prefer kids to adults. I may or may not have actually asked the twins' mom if I could come over and "watch" (aka play) with them and it was well worth it. I can't wait for next time!


brittany said...

I can't wait either;)

love you!

Shannon Gish said...

Hey, when do we get a play date? Will bring ice cream. :-) PS Good luck with interviews in DC and SC.