Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So for Thanksgiving this year my dear friend Luca came to visit all the way from Tucson. It was so much fun. Here's a recap:

We began our adventure and our Thanksgiving day by saying hello to the Atlantic. 

Luca having a Bruce Almighty moment

My mom and I have a tradition that when you visit this stunning land bridge you have to jump the rocks all the way to the end without using your hands. Luca failed...thrice. 
Hahaa! The other tradition is, each time you go to the ocean you must dip your feet in regardless of what time of year it is (so future visitors you have been warned!). Luca did more than dip his feet in...

Then we ate lots of exceptionally good food and then ate more food and went into turkey-coma. Well worth it.  

The next day I introduced Luca to an exceptional New England delicacy: fresh lobster. It was quite an experience, and I laughed a lot. Ah rookies, gotta love it. Thank goodness for bibs. 

He got the hang of it, and with a little help did quite well. I was proud. Mmm lobster! Next we went to Portsmouth, NH...

And had a photo shoot in the harbor...

GQ. These jackets are not for sale. 
We then headed south to Newburport, went into my favorite bookstore of all time and then walked around the quaint town. It was perfect. 

Saturday was a very busy day. We went to **drum roll** BOSTON! 

On the bus. Ok getting INTO Boston was an ordeal. The Red line had several T stops that were closed so we had to take a bus to the T, switch to a different line, and then walk. Complicated but fun!

And we saw BLUE MAN GROUP! We were going to go see them when they came to Tucson in April but didn't get a chance to go so of course I had to jump at this chance. WELL worth it. It was spectacular! 

We had some time to kill so we walked around Boston Common and the Public Gardens...
Luca befriending a squirrel. 

Pretty picture of Beacon Hill. Luca has an eye for cool pictures!

I mean how can you NOT love this city??

 For dinner we went to this hip place, Fire & Ice. Oh. My. Delish. It was so fun and soooooo good! 

And on our way to the North End for cannoli we walked through the Theatre District....

Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market...

And finally reached the North End. This view is my all time favorite every time I come into the city. 

And we got cannolis. Did I mention I love the North End? I do. Very much. It was hilarious observing Luca in Boston's own "Little Italy." And I don't think we even heard anyone speak Italian! What a let down. Anyway, my new favorite cannoli is the hazelnut. Luca was kind enough to share his with me. But the oreo one is yummy too. Ok and get this, the Italian had never had a cannoli!!! Whaaaat??? I remedied that situation!

Now this picture has meaning behind it. I lost a bet. You know Michael Buble's music video for "Haven't Met You Yet?" Well Luca bet me that Michael married the girl in the video and I was positive he was wrong. Well, I lost the bet (I've been humbled...) and got to make Luca his requested vanilla cake. He was against it, but I added sprinkles for a little pizzazz. I mean vanilla cake with vanilla frosting is a little boring so I had to spritz it up a bit.  

So it was TONS and TONS and TONS of fun. Basically Luca, you should come back. :) 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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