Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And I Was Like Baby, Baby, Baby

Gabe's Guilty Pleasure #58: "Baby" by Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris. 

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I know, I know, I know. The Biebs? Really Gabe, really? I can't help it! I can't. The song came on the radio today as I was driving home and I pumped up the volume, sung along, and had a jam sesh with the Biebs. It was a blast. I'm not a Bieber fan, I'm not. Really. But I do enjoy a couple of his songs. "Baby" reminds me of my senior year at BYU when my girls Beca, Linds, and I would have dance parties in my apartment until 3am practicing our dance moves and brushing up on our break dancing skills. We were pretty legit (Uhhhhhhh.....). We can stall and c-walk, among other things. Legit. (burst out laughing now)
Inspired by this experience, I have created a playlist in my iTunes entitled, "Guilty Pleasures." Arists included are the Biebs and Spice Girls. Don't judge. 

It feels like summer here and ohmylantus I love it!!! I stepped out this morning and I felt it: HUMIDITY. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I drove home from work it was beautiful out. It smelled like summer, I had my windows down, and it was just wonderful. Then the Biebs came on and I was so happy I hardly knew what to do. Blissful. 

I had a fantastic day at work. I really love my job. I'm sorry if you get tired of my professing my love of my job but I do. Better than listening to me hating it right?!?! I thought so! I got to do a few educations by myself today and I thoroughly enjoy working with the patients. I even documented by myself and got to fill out my snazzy productivity sheet and send fun e-mails to my HR manager abotu the Patriots win-ha! Great day. Also I was educating a patient and his wife and then they told me I was cute and started asking me questions. I knew what was coming:
How old are you? 24. 
Ooooh! Are you from here? No, I'm from New England. 
Why did you move here? Somewhere new. Because I can. I thought it would be a fun adventure!
Oh. Well, are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? No. [Told ya it was coming]
WHAT?! YOU DON'T! Nope. 
But you are so cute!! Well, don't you worry. We have a grandson...
So back to those sources of quality protein....This is the second time this has happened to me. Funny and very amusing. I couldn't help but smile as I walked out of the room. 

I think I ate something weird or I have hand sanitizer residue in my mouth because everything I eat tastes off, bitter, and gross. Sad. I love food. I hope this is very temporary because this is distressing. But I addressed my mid-afternoon snack attack with a yogurt and a 20oz DC. Problem solved. Not a hunger pain to be felt at 5pm. Whabam!

And since I didn't watch a movie, I think maybe I'll start one tonight. Or just watch Big Bang Theory. Gosh I adore Sheldon. 

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