Monday, January 23, 2012

Snack Attack

In between the hours of 1:45pm and 3:50pm I become temporarily obsolete. It's the afternoon crash, the post-lunch dive. This experience is exacerbated by the ever dreaded day of the week: Monday. Actually I don't despise Mondays and today was great, but they can be a drag. I have discovered that I am about 300% more productive in the morning. I'll remember this for when the dietitians unleash me to do my own work. 

Anyway, I forgot to grab a snack when I got lunch so I was dying this afternoon. There are times when chewing gum just doesn't cut it. I can no longer outsmart my body. I got out of work at 5pm and my brain and stomach where plotting against me with a vengeance. I was ravenous and I'm sure my blood sugars were very low. It was all I could do not to start gnawing on my fingers as I drove home. Thank goodness for gum, which temporarily took the edge off until I burst through the door of my apartment. I opened the cupboards, the fridge, the popcorn tin and was baffled at what to eat since I needed food STAT and knew I should probably try to eat something healthy. 

Until I spotted these baaaad boys....

And I was a goner. I popped one in my mouth and then a second and enjoyed the ride as my blood sugar normalized. Mmmmm mm! Then I took my coat off, popped a handful of popcorn in my mouth, put some laundry in, had some almonds, turned on my computer, and finally heated up pasta and veggies. Lesson learned: I must have a mid-afternoon snack (or some DC, Diet Coke that is. Can I get a caffeine fix please!!)

I was planning on hitting up the gym but I'm waiting for my laundry to finish up, which has my gym stuff in it, and by the time it's done it'll be later than I'd like to go to the gym. Plus, I really don't feel very well. I'm freezing, tired, and all I want is a hot shower, to watch a movie, and to cuddle. I miss my dog Scotty. Lots. He's a good cuddle buddy. Awwww!!! I miss him a lot. 

So these are my movie options for the evening: Devil Wears Prada, While You Were Sleeping, or Sabrina (Harrison Ford version). I'm thinking Devil Wears Prada. Although I do love Sandra Bullock. Oh! Maybe Blindside since I'm riding on a the high of the Patriot's win last night. Which reminds me, I saw Dr. W (that's what I will call him from now on) today. He's the outspoken, sassy MD I will have the pleasure of working with. I can't wait to start working with him. We talked about the Patriots' win and smack-talked the Giants' fans. Aw good times. Hmmm...but Sabrina is a good flick. Hmm. I got some thinking to do. 

And these are my new work shoes.  

They are Crocs. I hate Crocs. I think Crocs are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. WELL, hold it. That's not entirely true. I mean some of the hideous shoes they feature in runway shows and in Vogue and other fashion magazines are rather hideous too. Anyway, Crocs. I do not like them BUT these are an (and perhaps the only) exception. They are very comfortable and pretty cute (<---that was hard to type) for Crocs. 

OH! LAUNDRY IS DONE! Hot shower, warm jammies fresh out of the dryer, a movie, and reading a few pages out of "The Charming Quirks of Others" by Alexander McCall Smith. Sounds wonderful. I'm serious...give the series a try! Start with "The Sunday Philosophy Club" because, well, it's the first one. Always a good place to start *wink*

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