Thursday, January 12, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

I'm glad I moved last weekend because New England apparently got slammed with snow.  It's 67 degrees here and my windows are open. Haha suckers!! (yes that was necessary)

So the only "eh" thing about my apartment is that when I walk in it smells like a hotel room and I think one of my neighbors either next door or below me smokes because sometimes it permeates in my laundry area. NOT a fan. So I bought a pumpkin spice candle and have been burning it every day for hours to try to get my place to smell like a home. Well that wasn't working. The candle, try as it might, wasn't potent enough.  So I decided I needed to bust out the big guns:

Yankee Candles

I googled the closest Yankee Candle Store (here on after known as the YCS) and found a bunch of wholesalers but that wasn't good enough. I want the store. I want my olfactory senses to be overwhelmed with ALL of the delightful scents YC has to offer. I know, I'm demanding. Plus I knew they were having massive sales so I had to find a store. Well, ladies and gents, let me just digress for a hot sec and tell you that one of the best things about where I live is I am near EVERYTHING. The mall: 4 miles. The Tangor Outlets: BOTH are a few miles away. The ritzy Market Commons: down the street (I LOVE Market Commons. It's like my Newburyport. Well, not really but close enough). My hospital: 13 minutes. The ocean: 5 miles. Wal-Mart (eh...): 3 minutes. Grocery store: 3 minutes. A bajillion FRESH SEAFOOD restaurants...minutes. So imagine my giddy delight to find a YCS in the mall 4 miles away. Yesssssssss! Hopped in my car and headed that way where I popped into Sears to get some new pillows for my spiffy new bed and whadda ya know they were having a sweet sale! Check that off my list. On a tangent, can I just tell you how odd it is to have a queen bed? I've never had a bed bigger than a twin and now that I have a big bed I find I still curl up on one side of the bed. Hmm. Odd. Anyway...

I popped into the YCS, called my mom to get her expert advice on a potent candle and one that she burns/reminded me of home since she is a loyal YC customer. Plus, since infancy my mom has burned candles or something so home always smelled wonderful. I will carry on the tradition. Anyway, OH my lantus they were having a 50% sale!!! I got those two large beauts and saved myself $30. Dang I love sales! I'm burning Autumn Wreath and it is scrumptious! 

Also on my list of things to purchase are two massive jars to hold my sugar and flour for baking. The first Wal-Mart I went to did not have them stocked but another one only had one jar left so I snatched that up and viola!

Now I'm on the hunt for another one for my sugar and some more flour so the jar doesn't look so lame. 

I also bought myself a DVD player. It's amazing the things you take for granted when you live with your family or with roommates who have these things. But I got a cheap one at Best Buy and since there is also a Red Box about 57 seconds down the road, I'm going to watch "The Help" (and then my favorite TV show at the moment "The Big Bang Theory"...bazinga!) Did you read "The Help?" If not, you should.  I could not put it down. It's fabulous.

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rddnhus said...

Not happy to hear you went to the "w" store....:-(