Friday, January 13, 2012

I Will Find You...

I walked into a Fresh Market today. It was a disappointment, to be honest. I was hoping for a knock-off Trader Joe's experience wasn't. It has a Trader Joe-esque feel but the prices are WAY higher and the store is smaller. Bust. The nearest Trader Joe's is in Charleston so I'll definitely be making a stop there when I head to Charleston. BUT, I did find a source for Ghiradelli chocolate chips. Mom will be so proud!!!! So I snatched up a few bags and some Hazelnut hot chocolate (my favorite) and was on my merry way. 

And for lunch, thank you Fresh Market, I had a turkey, Havarti (the sharper the better), cranberry sauce sandwich. It was deeeeeeeelish! I was starving. I had to go to the hospital to get some labs drawn and to do a drug test and forgot to bring something with me to snack on afterward. I decided--after speaking to the Staff Health RN--that I would explore some of the towns and the cute shops south so I was in serious need of food. I also found dried pears. I love dried fruit--pears and berries are among my favorite so when I saw these dried guys, I had to have 'em. Yum! Also my mom showed me how to pop my own popcorn at home. Greatest. Thing. EVER. Recipe to follow. It's so easy, cheap, and I can season it to my liking. 

Seriously, I am loving South Carolina. Loving it. 

You will need: 
-oil (I use canola)
-popcorn kernels
-a large sauce pan or pot with a lid
-butter (I use butterspray or popcorn butter spray which you can get at Wal-Mart)
-popcorn seasoning (also available at Wal-Mart and it can be used on veggies too!)--I recommend White Cheddar.

Over medium heat (about a 7) put 1-2 Tablespoons of oil in the pot. Add a large handful of popcorn kernels, enough to cover the bottom of the pot. Cover the pot with a lid.
When the first couple of kernels pop, lift the pot off the heat and wait for 30-45 seconds. This is important. I don't know why, but it is. 
Next, place the pot back on the burner and swirl the pot around the burner as you let the kernels pop into a blissful treat. 
When you are only hearing a couple of kernels pop (this takes about 1-1.5 minutes), take the pop off the burner.
Spray with popcorn butterspray or butterspray and season with popcorn seasoning powder and INDULGE!
*Fun fact! Did you know popcorn is a whole grain?!! It's healthy for you! Whaaaaat?! 3 cups=1 serving of grains. 

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