Saturday, January 14, 2012

C'est Samedi

It's a wee bit nippy out so when I woke up I decided a mug of the Ghiradelli Hazel hot chocolate and a toasted English muffin with peanut butter and a banana sounded yummy for breakfast. That is until half way through my English muffin I again realized how much I dislike crunchy peanut butter. I don't know if it's the wacko organic brand (my mom brought and left for me to finish) or something else but I am not a fan of chunky peanut butter. I was so turned off that I threw the rest of the muffin away and sipped on hot chocolate. My stomach was not happy. Lesson learned-stick to creamy.

I spent my morning going over my budget and to be honest, I like budgeting. It's kind of fun. I know, I'm a nut case but I do think it fun. I might not think this same way when I find an oh-so-cute-perfect-I-have-to-have-them pair of shoes that I really, really, really want or when I want to take a spontaneous vacation to Paris or San Diego or San Fran. But hey, that's life right? I like it. 

Next I decided it would be a good idea smart to see what I need to do to get a SC driver's license and to register my car. 


I found, downloaded, and filled out (mostly) all the necessary forms...I think. I pondered and fretted over the question, "Are you a resident of this state?" for about 30 minutes. Well, how do you define "resident" exactly? I know for school/tuition purposes you usually have to live in the state for 12 months, in which case no but I fully intend to live here for at least that long. My permanent residence is now *gulp* here so that makes me a resident...right? Well I figured it all out. Boy oh boy I am not excited. I hope my experiences with the DMV and registration office here are much better than at home. Going to the town hall to register my car at home was a ridiculous experience. The women who run it are (mother and daughter) still stuck in the 1970s, meaning they still do things by hand and typewriter so one usually plans to be waiting anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on day of the week and time of the month. And you had better be prepared are they will, literally, bark at you. It's frightening. I've seen even the most self-assured, egotistical, confident of men bow to these women like a reed in the wind. I hope it's not like that here. One can hope. On the bright side--well that depends on how good/awful my picture is--I only have to renew my license every 10 years and my car every 2. Cool. Now to figure out when I'll be able to get all of this stuff done since you know their hours are conveniently the same as my working hours. 
For the love. I'm exhausted.

NFL Saturday, here I come. Let's go Pats! 

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rddnhus said...

You WHAT??!!
Extra Chunky is the ONLY real peanut butter!