Sunday, January 15, 2012

Done. And Done.

There is something rather inspiring and self satisfying when you figure something out and/or fix something all by yourself. Don't you agree? 

 The water pressure in my shower is terrible. I have a thick and, at times, unruly mane so having water that trickles through my hair is not going to work. Nope. Negative. Not having it. I had a conversation with my brother a few weeks ago about how to fix the water pressure problem by altering the shower head because companies apparently insert a little obnoxious piece that is meant to save water but as an annoying side effect, weakens the water pressure. So really what you're telling me is that in your attempt to save water, I have to stand in the shower longer getting more and more frustrated that I can't get the stupid product out of my hair because it takes longer for the water to penetrate through my hair? 

*Unamused look* Uh huh. That's what I thought.

Now I wasn't sure exactly how to go about removing this obnoxious piece so I called my brother and we agreed to phone conference today to walk me through fixing this dismal problem. We played phone tag and while I waited to hear back from him I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

7 minutes later....

Voila! I figured it out myself! *Fist pump* Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Wahoo! Oh yeah! Beaming like a proud 4-year old who just figured out how to fit the square block into the square hole, not the triangle hole, I excitedly texted my brother. I'm still waiting for his enthusiastic and proud response, but I, for one, am giddily delighted. Small victories are ever-so empowering.  

Once again I stand by the notion that my theme song at this stage in my life is "Miss Independent" by Ne-Yo. Cue the band, sing it son! 

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Anonymous said...

we need a picture of you in uniform...