Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm Gettin' Sentimental

So it begins. 
No, not my sudden need for ordering lettuce and dixie cups. 

Tonight my mom and I packed my kitchen stuff and I started packing my books, beginning with my dietetic books, which, undoubtedly I will need to repack tomorrow because I ALWAYS throw in a binder---or 5---from college thinking "Oh this will be good to have just in case." False. My new philosophy is if I didn't find a use for it during my internship then it doesn't make the cut. I think this cut-throat practice will significantly cut back on the amount of books I am bringing. Especially since I haven't even packed my books that I read for pleasure and that, my friends, is an ongoing collection. I'll thank myself later.

Packing takes me a while because I always stumble upon things I've saved that are sentimental. I am a recovering pack-rat. I don't save everything so don't go recommending me for that show Hoarders, but I like to find and re-read an essay I wrote in high school and think, I wrote that??? or a paper I got an A on after staying up until 4am to finish citing my sources in that STUPID AP format my freshman year at BYU. Memories. I'm a sucker for these things. I stumbled upon a modge-podge box of stuff from my senior year of high school. I actually found my high school diploma, newspaper clippings, my graduation program, and other random things and I hope to high heaven my mom doesn't throw these things out. I stuck them on "my side" of the attic (which is ever growing...) so hopefully they will be safe until the day I can go through all the boxes of my stuff from elementary school to the present and really organize it. [read: Mom please don't touch it. I promise I'll organize it *insert cheesy, angelic smile here*]

So, I was cleaning out my desk and I found this envelope with stuff in it and I peeked in and first thing I saw was a shiny something. Curiosity peaked, I dumped out the envelope and found this beauty. 

I thought I had lost this jumpdrive years ago. I searched high and low for this thing and was so disheartened when I realized it was lost for forever because there were a lot of important (I lost in during college) and sentimental documents, projects, etc saved on this. I'm excited to explore it. No, I haven't explored it yet because I had to blog about it first. I have my priorities. 

Next. I didn't stumble upon this but I decided this shoe box full of letters will be coming with me to South Carolina. In this box are mostly letters from one of my dearest, most cherished, and best of friends: Jenna. We met when we were 6 years old and have been best friends ever since. When I moved to NH in 1998 we wrote letters to each other and is something we continue to do today. There is something so wonderful about a hand-written letter, especially when it seems to be a dying practice, and something even more wonderful to re-read a hand-written letter in its envelope! I even printed off some of our e-mails (which are few because that's cheating!). I also threw in a few of my all-time favorite birthday cards and some very sweet letters and notes from people. I keep this safely in my closet and now it will have a new home in my new place. 

So tomorrow I plan to pack all of my books, pictures, and clothes in my closet. Yay. [Read: Gag me].

Like a very unwelcome house guest who has overstayed his/her stay, I gladly ushered the year 2011 outta here! Good bye! No, no, I'll call you. Uh huh, buh-bye. While filled with many wonderful, special moments and experiences, 2011 is one year I happily wave goodbye to [and shove out the door and deadbolt the lock] as I spring full-force into 2012. New year, new job, new place, new. And so far, after 2 days, it's been great.

Funny story. Yesterday I had a little "cookies and milk" get-together with some family friends and church friends. It was a smashing success and an absolute delight to chat with so many friends. So, I will be living, for the first time ever, by myself. Sans roommates. MY place. AWESOME, but weird. My mom, our friends Emily and Jonas, and I were talking about this and my mom predicted my first night alone will probably be very weird (I concur) and then Jonas said I would be fine because all I will need to is turn to my Jimmer poster and ask him what we should do tonight. They know me all too well. Did I tell you I'm going to Utah in March to see the Sacramento Kings (the team Jimmer plays for) play the Jazz? Well, I am and Iamsoexcited!!!! I have a darling friend, Dan, who works for the Utah Jazz and when we found out that the NBA was going to actually have a season, I told him that if the Kings weren't coming to play the Celtics in Boston (they aren't), then I would fly out to Utah and watch them play the Jazz. Dan, being the gem that he is, got us tickets. I love my friends, especially those who feed my Jimmer frenzy. Plus, Dan is a stud. He took me on the best-ever Valentine's Day date. That's a WICKED great story for another day. I can't wait to see him again. We have wicked fun together. And, coincidentally, that's General Conference weekend so maybe I'll be able to see a session in SLC. Plus seeing old friends...gosh, it'll be wonderful. I predict a F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C weekend. 

Final thought: I'm not really a fan of facebook anymore and would love to delete my account. Unfortunately it's a good way to stay connected to too many people. Bust. Stupid facebook. I feel obligated to stay. I think I'll just check it every now and then. 

Ok, my honest-to-goodness final thought. I love the Gish family.

Off to explore my jumpdrive! 


Shannon Gish said...

Gabe, I'm telling you - you need to write a book or column for a paper. You have a great voice and style. and btw: The Gish Family loves you more plus infinty.

Jenna said...

Glad to hear you are there and unpacked. Hand-written letters will always beat the internet. I need your address. :)