Tuesday, January 10, 2012

...SWEET CAROLINE...indeed!

My internet is getting hooked up tomorrow so for now I'm sitting in a Barnes and Noble. I LOVE this place, South Carolina I mean. I am absolutely in awe of the Southern hospitality. My landlord--that sounds so impersonal and unfitting--Lisa, is amazing. We've adopted each other as sisters and she checks in with me all of the time, which is always comforting and so, so sweet. And, get this! When I went to return my U-Haul truck, the man checking it in told me to come in to sign the last bit of paperwork and gave me his card and instructed me to call him with any questions I have since he's been here for forever. Thank you Tommy! What an amazing place. 

Now, I'll post more about the move down but for now, here are some pictures of my new pad: it has TONS of potential and Lisa has given me the freedom to decorate it as I please. Oh happy day! 

Here is the entryway...

The kitchen...I'm planning to paint the cabinets. 
More kitchen and my KitchenAid!!! (And yes Mom, I did buy the toaster)
The dining area. I just love the Italy picture there. The lighting was terrible, sorry!

My bedroom. I am IN LOVE with the color and my bed. Reds, purples, plums, lilac, lavenders...I love this color scheme. My mom is brilliant. She helped me with the bedding.

I took this picture on purpose and dedicate this to Jonas and Emily. Yes I have a Jimmer corner :) Don't you worry!  

The bathroom. There is also a guest half bathroom but that needs to be painted and bedazzled so no pictures yet. 

The living room area. I actually have three sofas, one I brought from home and it's rather awkwardly placed (you can sort of see it here in the back), but it actually works. I love the painted walls!

 Here you can see that this has TONS of potential. I'm thinking shelves, photos, a mirror to  open it up, etc. My creative juices have been tapped. 

So there you have it. My new place. So cool. I'm off to Anthropologie to purchase some cute cereal bowls that I saw and to my new favorite jewelry store. Yay!!!! 

P.S. Come visit me!


A-Kap said...

SOOOOOOOOO CUTE and SOOOOOO COOL! Wow. You totally lucked out girlie...in so many ways. You deserve it!!!!! ENJOY!!!! We miss you though. boo hoo.

Jean said...

holy cow your place is amaaazing!! when can I come visit?? :D

Ashley Jensen said...

Wow, that looks amazing! Sounds like you're doing spectacular, good luck with everything!!

Jenna said...

I LOVE IT! Did you mention a spare bedroom? I can always sleep on the couch, since you have THREE. :)

Shannon Gish said...

Gabe, it is perfect! Can you show pics of the cute cereal bowls from Anthropologie next?

Lindsey Hubble said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! looove it. It's so adorable!! When am I coming out to visit you?!?! Seriously. I'm calling so we can plan this!! love and miss you east coast sistah!! viola we gooooo :)

Domestic-Goddess said...

Love it all looks soooo FANTASTIC!!! I will be there before you can Blink an eye!

calibosmom said...

So happy for you Gabe! Enjoy and have fun!!!