Friday, March 9, 2012

Charleston and a WHOLEsome Pit Stop

Oooohmagosh sometimes I'm so cheesy it's ridiculous. But, amusing!

I was up at 5:30am this morning and out the door by 6:15 headed for Charleston. It's a VERY easy drive, literally straight south and I had a GPS with me so getting to MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) was a breeze. I made it with time to spare. It was cool to come across the huuuuge bridge and look over the city, which actually wasn't all that impressive. It doesn't have skyscrapers so it doesn't look like a city, but I bet it is awesome. I haven't actually explored it yet so I can't validate that statement, but I've heard good things. The class, ServSafe, was, you know, snooooozeville at its finest. THANK goodness the teachers shaved off about 2 hours. The only thing that kept me awake was the fact that I was freezing (and to think I almost didn't bring my peacoat in...) because some moron cranked up the flippin' AC in the room and the vent was directly above me. But really, what the heck is up with people and their obsession with AC. It's abuse!!! Save the environment and cut back on the freakin' AC. For the love. It's not summer yet. It's hardly 70 freakin' degrees outside. WHY IS THE AC ON?!?!?!?? Not a fan. Clearly. 
What I was a fan of was using valet services for my first time. Literally, it's the smallest things in life that delight me. My manager encouraged me to use this service and I'm glad I did. Parking in the city, in a VERY huge hospital = a nightmare. I could have hugged the valet guy. It was so cool!

At lunch I ate as quickly as possible in the cafeteria and then sprang outside because it was lovely out: overcast, a little humid, around 70 degrees. Plus I had a very important phone call to return. Awwww I love the outdoors.
Actually sitting outside and watching all of the students, doctors, residents, and medical staff zip around made me really miss UMC and the college life...well, sort of. Really I think I just miss being somewhere busy and lively. I like the hospital I work at now, especially the fact that it's smaller and it's nice being a rookie and not being quite so overwhelmed with patients and complicated situations, but someday I think, I hope, to work in a bigger hospital. I know that Myrtle Beach will get lively, but that's touristy-lively and that's not what I am looking for. I want city-lively. Really I just yearn for the metropolitan/city life. 

Anyway, I was thinking of exploring Charleston but by the time I got out it was raining and I had no idea where to go so, scratch that. I texted Clary to inform her my first time exploring the city will likely also be her first time when she comes to visit in May. Yay!! As I headed home I had to make a very important pit stop:
This is the closest Whole Foods to me so naturally I had to stop and check it out...and, of course, get some goodies since I'm deprived "up north." 
I could very easily live off of bread and cheese. Seriously. I stood at the bakery for a good 5 minutes debating between a nice hearty loaf of whole grain bread or a baguette but the baguette didn't look "baguette" enough so the hearty whole grain won! And, I LOVE Havarti cheese. It's my all-time favorite cheese ever right now and so when I saw it, I had to have it. Plus, most of the local grocery joints I frequent don't carry sliced Havarti so...oh yeah, into my cart at lightening speed it went. Plus YESSSSSSS for dried berries (also one of my all-time favorite things on the planet). I've also been craving a crunchy, salty snack. Usually I go for pretzels but nope, wasn't feeling it. Wheat Thins I could eat by the truck load and I actually wasn't feeling those either. I wanted some Stacey's Pita Chips but they were a tad pricey so I settled for some yummy rice--excuse me, soy snacks, whatev--, which sounded actually very appealing. Plus hey-low cal, crunchy, good price. Done and done.
Oh and, hehe, had to have the fruit leather.
I am absolutely determined to improve upon my fruit leather making. I'm going to get a food processor first (not just for fruit leather, other things too!) before I try again though. 
And, next time I think I'm going to use agave nectar. 
AND, I don't know if you have ever gotten this brand of soaps from Whole Foods but it is faaaaabulous. I bought some about 2 years ago at a Whole Foods in Massachusetts and still have a few unused bars because I just don't want to use them! I have a thing for soaps and they smell divine. They have tons of difficult kinds and today I had to have the lavender one. It's just so soothing and yummy. 

Then I got home and checked the mail and this finally came!
It's my first ever real magazine subscription (my subscription to the Journal for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics does not count). I can't wait to read it!

Tomorrow I'm taking Jasper (that's my car) in because that blasted low tire pressure light came on again. Maybe some yoga later. Then I have some projects to do. I kind of hope it's rainy tomorrow. If not, I will also be going for a stroll on the beach. 

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Jean said...

aw too bad! austin and i visited charleston back in september and LOVED IT. the city is beautiful and so historic and just awesome. you'll love it when you go back and actually get to play, i promise. :)