Saturday, March 10, 2012


This has been the week from Hades. Seriously.
If I drank alcohol I suspect this would be one of those weeks where I would have knocked back a few shots of whiskey or scotch or something like that by now. Those are pretty powerful, right? I know nothing about alcohol but it has been one of those weeks:

*Not enough sleep
*Felt flu-like for a couple of days
*Charleston for ServSafe...boring
*Trying to get into a routine, which I realize can take awhile after moving somewhere new, getting settled in, yadda yadda but it's a painstakingly long process
*My car had a nail in the tire and was deemed "irreparable" so I had to get a new one, which is fine but it wasn't covered by the warranty so that was unexpected. Awesome. Sometimes I really hate cars. And it took two hours so I missed yoga.

*This is the icing on my week: I went to Home Goods to get a pretty cookie platter because I am going to make cookies for my Young Women at church tomorrow. Well, I found this awesome Red Velvet dye so I put it in my cart. Well, it fell out and shattered on the floor and looked like I had just lost a pint of blood so naturally everyone who walked in and saw the puddle and me standing there with dye all over my hands and red shoe prints around me because it got all over my shoe and I stepped in it, started to freak out. Oh it was great. To top it off, the dye got on my new Toms and so now the left shoe is pink. I've attempted stain remover and they are currently in the washer but I don't have much hope. I'm beyond ticked. Really? Really? Anything but my new shoes. I fear they are ruined. I guess I could still walk around in them but one is pink and that just looks ridiculous. WHAT THE HECK.

So I marched into the bathroom, cleaned my shoes off the best I could and marched right back out to the store determined to find a blasted cookie platter. At this point I felt indifferent to everything. I found my platter, found a cute silverware holder and was one my way. 

So really, what's next? Go ahead. Bring it on.
Here's the rod. Have a swing. Give me your best shot. 

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