Saturday, January 21, 2012

It was L.O.V.E at first sight

Saw them. Fell in love. Thought about them for a week...all of the time and decided that I had to have them in my life.

Expected arrival date: Monday. Actual arrival date: Friday. 
This = one VERY happy Gabe. I literally ripped the box open. 

I love that lamp too. This photo was partially staged to have the shoes as the main focus and to show off that fantastic lamp.

I'm, you know, a tad excited....!!!!!

This is my first pair of Toms. I love them. They are so comfortable and so cool. I am a fan and will likely order another snazzy pair in the future. 

So let's review today shall we? 
First of all it was....

I headed to Broadway at the Beach. It was pretty cool. I can see it being a bit more exciting in the summer since quite a few shops were closed to revamp, renovate, etc. before tourist season begins. I'm taking my mom here when she comes to visit (hopefully soon!!) But let's talk about this place:
Perhaps one of the coolest candy stores I've been to. Well, maybe not coolest but it was pretty cool. They had TWO POUND Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. TWO POUNDS! That's huge. That's craziness! I told my brother the next time I go home or when he comes to visit, I'll get it for him. And if you come visit and want it, I might get you one too. I also saw a 5-pound Hershey's chocolate bar. They had everything and tons of candy paraphernalia (pillows, lunchboxes, backpacks, pens, t-shirts, underwear, etc.). Perhaps surprising, I actually didn't purchase anything.

Next, I went to the aquarium. It was pretty cool. Smaller than I had expected and really I went just to see the sharks since the 501 and the 17 are littered with billboards about the amazing shark exhibit. 

First I saw puffer fish and porcupine fish but they didn't blow up. How unexciting. I was hoping someone would provoke them so we could see them in action but no such luck. That's kind of mean that I would hope someone would provoke them for my viewing pleasure isn't it?  Well no one bothered them except the spunky 5-year old constantly tapping on the glass, but even that didn't faze them.

I got to touch a horseshoe crab! 

I didn't take any pictures of them but I also got to touch a stingray. I think, after the sharks, the stingrays were my favorite. They are so fun to watch. Plus I think they are a little spunky. At the petting bay, a few attempted to leap out of the water and I thought it was hilarious. I don't think the girl sitting at the edge of the water not paying attention appreciated it but that made me silently laugh even harder. It was funny, trust me. But watching them was really mesmerizing and relaxing. Perhaps the soft music helped but now I really want go swimming with sting rays someday. 

I also saw... 

...Dory and Nemo!!! 
They were hard to take a photo of because they darted around so quickly.

...nasty eels

...and an octopus that had hidden itself in the uppermost corner of the tank. It actually looked kind of gross. The lighting was bad so I couldn't get a good picture. I also saw some ugly looking seahorses. They are the kind that can blend in with plants and things as a protective measure, which I'm happy for them, but they are not pretty to look at. But still, yay for seahorses!!!

Now, let's go on to the feature presentation: THE SHARKS

Yes that is a nurse shark just lying on the top of the glass

This is a sawfish. 18ft long
I learned that the males use that thing in battle during breeding season. Yikes. Having these guys swim over your head was a little unnerving and impressive. 

I just like this picture because the shark looks very scary. 

Noggin...duuuuude. A sea turtle! This guy was going to town on that plant.

Ok so I really, really, really liked the sharks. This particular shark was doing something funky with his mouth and it looked like he had dislocated his jaw (preparing for a tasty lunch?) or was about to pop out dentures. Either way, it was so creepy and yet so cool. And his teeth are scary.
Awesome. Wicked awesome.

So overall the aquarium was pretty cool. Honestly, I like Boston's aquarium better--they have penguins, cute, hilarious, and baby penguins--but I also think their aquarium is bigger so perhaps it's unfair to compare the two. 

After Broadway at the Bay, I was contemplating going for a stroll on the beach but it was cloudy and getting a little cool, plus I was tired, so I headed to Market Commons to hit up Barnes and Noble for a little fun, relaxing, intellectual and creative stimulation. I found 2 books I think I'm going to get---about Italian and French, of course!---but I'll see if I can find them on Amazon first. I do so love (sensibly-priced) books!!! Also I have requested the book "Twinkie, Deconstructed" by Steve Ettlinger from the library. Have you read it??


Jean said...

girl i own 2 pairs of TOMS and i looooove them. they seriously are SO COMFY. i can't wait to come visit you, hopefully soon. let me know when a good time is!!! :D

Jenna said...

COOL! Clara and I are coming. Perhaps this summer when Sam is studying for the bar?