Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty's Day in Review

Let's review a few things I observed and/or learned and/or thought and/or experienced during my first St. Patrick's Day in Myrtle Beach, shall we? We shall. 

1. I am very glad I do not drink. My drinks of choice: strawberry kiwi carbonated water, diet coke, and water. Not mixed. Livin' on the edge, I know. But I like it there. 
2. I witnessed not 1, but 2 bar fights. I'm not going to lie, it was rather exciting (you may perhaps be able to tell I don't frequent bars often, in which case, that is definitely correct), but drunk guys are stupid. 
3. I do not like bars. At least definitely not on St. Patrick's Day. And not in this freakin' state where people are allowed to SMOKE in them!!! SICK!!! South Carolina needs to get on the health bandwagon and ban this nastiness already! What is this, 1975? COME ON! And while you're at it, ban smoking from every restaurant too. I was shocked when I went out to eat for the first time and there were people smoking in the restaurant. Get out. No really. GET. OUT. I don't want lung cancer. Not even that. I just want to BREATHE. Am-scram bucko.
4. I will never, ever, ever, EVER wear heels out again. NEVER. At least not when I will be walking and standing around for hours. My heels now have time limits on them. I should have gone with my gut, which screamed, "WEAR THE FLATS!!!!!" I love heels but not for 9 hours. My poor feet.
5. I am not a club kind of girl. At least not at a nasty-style, tramp-filled, ghetto-infested, hi-I-want-to-hook-up-with-you kind of a club. We bar hopped last night at Broadway at the Beach and the last place we hit up actually had a legit dance floor and DJ so I was excited because I love to dance. Except, I like to dance with big groups of friends and since most of our party was either at the bar having their 20th shot/drink, or dancing somewhere else, or who really knows, I ended up dancing with a couple of other girls in our party and was having fun until the nasty-style guys came up to try to "dance" with us. When this happens, instantly I'm irritated and my groove is thrown off. If I had a strong guard, like in "The Emperor's New Groove," I would have had these bozos tossed outta there faster than you can C-Walk or 2 step.You have better believe I gave them a subtle yet steely warning glare, and that did the trick: I'm here to have fun with my friends and to dance and you are neither my friend nor someone I care to dance with. I have zero interest in grinding with you, dancing with you, and hooking up with you so let's make this simple: don't approach me, don't touch me, don't smile at me like your Mr. Cool J, get your slimy, drunk, nasty self away from me, and everything will be fine. And by that, I mean you will be fine. You, buster, can stay 10 feet away from the door, which is 30 feet away from me. Got it? Good. 
6. Drunk people, 99% of the time, act like idiots. I don't know what the other 1% constitutes but I guess you can't assume all people who get drunk act like idiots, right? Maybe? Benefit of the doubt? I'm going to have a slightly difficult time taking some of my colleagues and co-workers serious after seeing them drunk as a skunk. They definitely were hilarious but also embarrassing. I suppose this is one of the reasons I don't care to party too hard with co-workers. It's just awkward sometimes, you know? 
Interesting experience. It was fun, kind of, in an it-was-nice-to-get-out kind of way, but I'll pass on the next one. 

Now. Fun stuff.
I was talking to my FUTURE STEP-SISTER (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) today on the phone, which was fabulous as always. One of her kiddos was talking to her and when she said she was on the phone with me, I heard her kiddo say, "AUNT GABE!!" I am an aunt. Well, not officially until June but...I. AM. AN. AUNT! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these kids, love them. And now I'm their aunt. *giggles* Yay! 

Should I get these...
...or these?
Custom TOMS - Big Paisley 
I really love Toms. And brightly colored shoes. And thus, brightly-colored Toms.

It's in the 70s here and there's a thunderstorm starting. My windows and balcony door are open and the feature presentation is about to begin so I'm off to indulge in the fun!


Tracy said...

I have never understood why people go to dance clubs nowadays, they don't actually DANCE there anymore! but your drink choices sound delicious! :)

and I was SO excited to here you'd be joining the S family! I know how much you adore those kids :) Tell your mom congrats from me!

LOTS OF !s in this comment!!

The Meyers said...


A-Kap said...

Good for you for going out bar hopping with your co-workers! Now you've at least tried that "scene", given it a go, and now you know what you're missing next time...when you are home snuggled up with your tea and a good movie while they are out making fools of themselves.... ;-)

You were SO MEANT TO BE their aunt!!!! Seriously...doesn't it almost feel like, duh! Of COURSE this was going to happen! It is SO PERFECT. And I am SO HAPPY for your mom and your family!!!!!!!!!! And all the families involved.... Yippee! Joy. Pure joy.

Sarah said...

Go with the yellow ones! They would be versatile, delicate or funky whenever you wanted!