Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm On The Hunt For...

...the perfect whistling tea kettle. I like to indulge in a cup of herb tea after dinner. It's my new thing. I love "Republic of Tea." I am at this very moment sipping on this:
And I plan to have a collection like this:
Red Velvet Chocolate??? OH my lantus. Get out. I've tried the Coconut Cocoa since my mom has it at home; she introduced me to this company and I found a little health store that carries "Republic of Tea." Oh goody gum drops I might have to take a little trip this weekend and get Red Velvet Chocolate. Doesn't that sound divine???
Anyway. Back to kettles...
I don't want modern, I don't want fancy. I want old-fashioned, simple, and in true Gabe-fashion, brightly colored: orange, yellow, or blue (or to get fancy, in either flame, dijon, carribean, or marseille--pictured below). Cozy don't you think? I really like the dijon or carribean colors. These might not be old-fashioned and cozy enough but they're getting close. 

...the perfect ring. To wear daily. Some people just have a ring they wear all day, every day. And no I am not at all referring to a wedding ring. I mean like some people wear a ring with their birthstone or something their grandmother gave to them, etc. I had a CTR ring that I wore 24/7, slept with it on, showered with it on, etc. I never took it off...except the one day I took it off at the gym, forgot it on the treadmill, and it was gone for forever. Sad day. But I've been on the hunt for a 24/7 kind of a ring ever since. I like the idea of gold. Simple, elegant, classy. and pretty. Unique. You don't see gold much these days. I'll know the ring when I find it, but like my little black dress, it might take a while. Maybe something like this?
Pretty huh? Rose gold. I like it. I love it actually. Vintage. Simple. I love it. Minus that fact that it's an engagement ring but hey, I don't care. I'd wear it anyway. 

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A-Kap said...

Hmmm...that ring looks VERY familiar..... ;-) GORGEOUS!! Both that one and the one on your mom's hand. So stunning.