Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shuffling, T-Bones, and Mass Accents

I was sitting in staffing this morning (2.5 hours. OH. MY. LANTUS. -_- ), and we were almost finished with our gargantuan list of patients when one of the physical therapists was voicing a concern about how his patient shuffles when she walks. Dr. W's response was, in the most dead-serious, dry tone ever:

"So, your telling me every day she's shufflin'?"

I lost it. If you don't know what that's from, it's from the song "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. My mind caught on to the joke before I actually "got" it and I just starting laughing out loud. Wicked hard. I thought it was hilarious. I'm talking, I was grabbing my stomach laughing. To top it off, Dr. W then turned to me and said, "You didn't think I was hip did you?," and attempted a ganstah pose. Picture it with me people: a white, balding doctor in a shirt and tie in a buttoned-up lab coat attempting to be gangster. Just let the giggles roll. This, of course, made me laugh even harder. Ooooooh so awesome and so needed. I haven't laughed, like a straight from the depths of your belly laugh, in a while. Delightful. Thanks Dr. W for once again giving me reason to come to work each day. Your humor is therapeutic.

Next. I was driving home from work and almost, I'm talking centimeters here, got T-Boned. IDIOT. Who bangs a left when there is still oncoming traffic? THIS MORON. Even Mass drivers know to bang a left right AFTER the light turns green not right when YOU THINK it's about to turn yellow and assume I'm going to slow down when I'm already half way through the intersection. IDIOT!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! Get off the road. Thank goodness my body reacts faster than my mind because I swerved, literally, tires screeching and everything, and was missed by centimeters. I was waiting for the impact, the pain, and the sound of crunching metal and glass but nothing. I didn't even have time to lay on my horn.Thank goodness no one was in the lane next to me because surely there would have been a several-car crash. It took me a few seconds to remember to breathe again and my hands were shaking like I was going through withdrawals or something. I couldn't decide if I should go back and yell at that moron for almost killing me or not, but I was running late for yoga so I just kept going.

SO, you can only imagine how challenging it was for me to go to yoga and try to focus and dwell on the good and connect with my body and relax and be soothed when all I wanted to do was have a good cry and a hug. Instead, I was doing downward facing dog trying to keep my hamstrings from snapping and my head from exploding from the blood rushing to my brain and from trying to fight back tears from a crappy day, a stressful weak, and the constant reminders I have of all the massive changes going on right now and it sucks. Ok? it sucks. I am not a fan. Basically every day I break down and cry. Geez. It was a good yoga session but truthfully, it was not really relaxing at all. But, my instructor is totally from Massachusetts, which brought intermittent rays of happiness to my little New England-loving (coveting may be a more appropriate word right now) heart and soul. She told us to bend as fah (far) as we could and to bring our hands to our hahts (hearts) and to drawer (draw) ourselves inward. Basically I wanted to cry every time I heard her accent. Gosh I want New England so badly. 

Then then I went and played basketball with some guys who play pick up ball every Tuesday. It was fun. While I waited for them to arrive I longboarded in the parking lot. My sweet new Reds bearings make my riding as smooth as buttah. Thanks Chase :) Oh and, I hit a 3. 

Then I talked to my best friend Jenna for an hour and half, which was basically Gabe's therapy session with my occasional shutting-up to let Jenna talk. It was awesome. I love Jenna. I have always admired her and been in such awe of the incredible, mature, strong, beautiful woman she is. Thanks Jenna Jo. You are the best. I love you. 

Next, my other best friend Clary is coming in May. It's official. The ticket has been purchased. You don't even know what much I am looking forward to this. Especially right now. 

So much for getting to bed before 11. Whatev. I'm getting my first ever pedicure (Amy E, I know you, Emma, and Greta will be sooooo proud!) with the ladies from work tomorrow in celebration of "RD Day" last Wednesday. Oooooh I'm excited!

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