Wednesday, March 28, 2012

King Pigeon

Once up on a time in a land called Myrtle Beach lived a spritely, red-headed, freckled girl named Gabe (but never Gab). 

One day, after doing three hours of yoga with some of her darling colleagues and loving it, she decided to take up her own personal practice of yoga. 

Gabe loved it, but would quickly learn that Shakira was right, you're hips do not lie: Gabe was not nearly as flexible as she had believed or perhaps once been.  Gabe needed to work on her flexibility. One warm, early spring evening Gabe got home from work and decided that she would attend a flow yoga class, her first of this nature. The guide (instructor) informed the class that the goal of the the evening's class was the King Pigeon pose. Gabe, being a beginner yogi secretly chuckled to herself and thought, There is NO WAY I will be able to do that," but decided to humor herself and the guide and to go along with it. After several down-ward facing dog poses, warrior 1 and warrior 2 poses, and many screams from her thighs and hips later....
...she nailed it. The only one in the class (of 4 but who cares? This is my story! Don't ruin it!) to do it. Shazam!!!!!!! 

I love yoga. No really. It's awesome. 


My 1.37 seconds of fame. Please scroll to 8:30 and see me and my dear friend Caitlin rocking it at a conference we went to last May where I met....
(That's Grant Hill for those of you who do not know.
And yes my eyes are closed. I was capturing the moment, taking it all in...or...I blinked. The other picture where my eyes are open isn't a flattering one of Mr. Hill so you know, I'll take the hit for him to look good :) ...)

 Being a sports RD is my (realistic) dream job (that or a sports writer, children's book author, or anything to do with living in Italy or France).

Additionally, please pardon my lack of blogging. I've been currently working myself out of a funk. It sucked, wicked bad, but it's getting better. I have many blog posts (my first pedicure, the latest and greatest patient stories to share, etc) to catch up on. Get excited!


Jenna said...

I went to a Zumba class recently and thought of you. I thought, "Gabe would be tearing this up right now." Have you done Zumba before? You rock!

Sarah said...

Nailed it!
thanks for the giggle lovely :)

Gabe said...

Jenna Jo--I have been dying to try Zumba!!!!! When you come to visit we'll go to yoga :)