Friday, March 30, 2012

Make Way For Ducklings

I was on my way to yoga tonight, I stopped at a red light and looked over across the intersection and saw two ducks looking to make sure no traffic was coming before they waddled across the street.

It was the cutest thing. 

As the light turned green I looked in my side mirror and kept thinking, Come on little ones! Hurry up!!! Good news, they made it safely and after that all I could think of was the book "Make Way for Ducklings." 

Yoga kicked my butt tonight...and my thighs...and everything else...and I loved it.

And now, another Dr. W story for your reading pleasure:
I have a patient with diabetes (I KNOW, shocker. I hope you were sitting when you read that). As I was doing my assessment I was asking her if she checks her blood sugars at home, what her numbers are, if she's had a hemoglobin A1c checked, etc. Well her numbers weren't good and she told me she had her A1c checked and it was high. Never good. So I wanted to check one because...I wanted to see's helpful with education, which she said she'd like more of. Wonderful. So, at staffing in between patients I turned to the delightful Dr. W:
"Dr. W, may I ask you a question?"
"You just did."
"May I ask you another one."
"You just did." 
"May I ask you a few questions???"
"Yes, go ahead." (At this point he's smirking at his wit and sass and I'm smirking because I'm throwing it right back at him and I'm'll see. Read on).
"Well the patient in room [whatever] has diabetes and I know it's not her primary diagnosis but she told me her blood sugars are high and her A1c the last time it was checked was high and I'd like to check it here because I believe it will be a helpful education tool to use when I give her more education, which SHE requested." (Please note, in true Gabe fashion, this was spoken as fast yet as clearly as possible (which means probably nearly incomprehensible) without any breaths in between. Thank you New England for teaching me to walk, talk, and be fast. Thank you Mom for cursing/blessing me with the ability to speak fast (which means I speak even faster than your average New Englander). 
I paused and let him process this...for about 4 seconds and continued:
"I mean, you don't have to but I think it would help."
"'I don't have to?' Oh thank you for telling me what I can and cannot do." Dr. W smirked (getting his pen out) and was getting a little sassy. And I started to giggle.
"NO! That's not what I meant! I just meant that, you know, if you don't think it's really beneficial and would be a waste, especially since it's not her primary diagnosis, I am prepared to accept your decline. BUT. I'm just saying that it would be helpful. Unless you want her back in here for renal failure secondary to uncontrolled diabetes which may have been prevented had I struck home after getting that A1c number and using that as I educated her."
He cocked his head, listening to my not-so-subtle-plea but well thought out and urgently delivered argument. 

Score 1 for the dietitian!!! *victory dance*
 I am always prepared to bring my A game for my patients.

Random thought.
I am, at any given moment, quite seriously tempted to throw responsibility and caution to the wind, quit my job and move to Europe. I am SO SICK of watching other people get to live my dreams. I'm sick of it. I'll just move to Italy, find some random job working as the hired help in some quaint little shop or restaurant, be adopted and taken in by the elderly and adorable shop owner and his wife. They'll teach me to cook, I'll be blissfully happy, and then her handsome, gentlemanly Italian son will come for a visit, we'll fall madly in love and I will have an Italian mother-in-law whom I will love, adore, and cherish, live in a foreign country, and be an awesome cook. And travel throughout all of Europe with the love of my life.
Don't. Dash. My. Dream.


Since I will not throw caution to the wind tonight (but don't tempt me, I'm nearing my breaking point people),  I will make a french baguette tomorrow (since I have yet to find a place to buy a decent blasted baguette in this bread-forsaken place) while dreaming of buying an authentic baguette at une boulangerie et du fromage and munching on them while sitting on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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