Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I was inspired by these brilliant cookies I found on pinterest and I thought it would be really cool and festive (Cinco de Mayo!) to make them for staffing this week and for a little get together tomorrow evening. 
 Pinata cookies. I mean that has got to be one of the coolest ideas ever. 
Legit, right?
Cinco de Mayo pinata sugar cookies

The sugar cookie recipe for these bad boys was terrible. Or maybe it was just me. But seriously, when I split the dough to dye, the balls of dough were oozing oil, and I was suspicious of this recipe to begin with because of the amount of oil it called for but I thought since the author used it and they turned out so well, I should too. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. The dough was crumbly (probably because the dang oil leaked out...or something), didn't taste very good, and like I said, pretty much bleeding oil. I layered teh dough and froze it over night, let it thaw a little, went to cut it and it just shattered and crumbled. Literally. Gross. I was mad. And frustrated. So I threw it all away. 10 cups flour and lots of butter wasted. Bust. Failure. Failure I tell you!!! Curse you sugar cookies!!!!! Not a happy girl.

But don't worry. That was my Plan B. My Plan A was to make these:
Sombrero Cookies!!!

Well. First of all I visited the website and the author used store bought cookies and store bought frosting. I refuse to bake from a box. I'm not a snob, well, maybe that makes me as snob, but I prefer to make my own things from scratch. That's not to say I've never baked from a box, but I avoid at all costs. So, I made the sugar cookies (different recipe that the failed pinata cookies). Yummy recipe. Lookin' good. Baked the cookies and all was looking well. I decided to use my Magnolia Bakery buttercream frosting recipe didn't turn out so well. It was too runny. So I added more sugar and whipped it for longer. Still runny. Not impressed. I was getting annoyed because I was on a time crunch after work to get all of this done before I had meetings and things this evening. Thought whatever and placed the frosting in the fridge to set. Got home at 9:30pm and attempted to assemble. Frosting still too runny so the sprinkles and frosting were EVERYWHERE. There might still be some sprinkles stuck to my foot. I'll probably find them in random places for the next...forever. So what will Dr. W and the staff get tomorrow? Plain sugar cookies. And they will like them!

And. To top it off. It's BLIMEY HOT AND HUMID AND I'M ABOUT TO GO MAD!!! (Secretly I'm blaming the humidity for my baking mishaps). I don't like summer. Either I'm melting or I'm surrounded by ACAs--Air Conditioning Abusers. I should NOT be shivering in a building when it's 88 degrees outside. I don't like summer. I don't. There. I said it. I don't like to be wicked hot and sticky and sweaty. I don't like it. I would much rather be cold than hot and I will take a nor'easter and a New England winter any time over a nasty humid day, especially since the humidity in the south is agonizing. And I can't do anything with my hair. I'm just a fuzz ball. One flustered, pink, ginger fuzz ball. 

This is not my week. 
I was defeated by sugar cookies. Sugar cookies. Seriously? 
Curse them. I don't even like sugar cookies.
 I'm going on a baking strike. 


Jean said...

aww! i know the summers here are HORRID. i'm glad we're leaving for it.. how is it so hot already?! and don't worry, my baking got kinda kooky here too. i blamed my oven. :)

Kimi said...

This post is very ironic. These cookie recipes were the 2 I planned to make. I made the piƱata cookies too but only added half the oil because I thought it was too much/not even necessary. They turned out but the whole process of cookie cutting and getting a middle hole for the candy was nearly impossible without cracking them. I feel they were too much effort and I don't think I will ever attempt them again. Sombrero cookies would have been much much simpler!