Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cinco De Mayo...a little early

Some friends and I decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo a little early and so we had a little party tonight!

Here are the sombrero cookies I made. My last post may have been misleading. I did actually made a few sombrero cookies but because the frosting was a disaster and was runny at room temperature, I dubbed them staffing-inappropriate and shoved about 15 of them in the freezer for the party. 

They were well received at our party and boy oh boy was I glad. Also the plain sugar cookies were well received at staffing and that was relieving. I was so disheartened when I walked into work. Dr W was funny. When he walked in, he asked where the treats were so I pointed and then very quickly dove into my story about how I was going to bring in festive Cinco de Mayo cookies but the frosting wouldn't set and it was a disaster and he looked at me and asked, "Did I have to bake these cookies?" No. "Are they free?" Yes. "Then they are perfect." I felt a little better after that. 

 Chips, salsa, guacamole (yummmmmmm), pretzel chips, pina coladas. So yummy!

 Some of the gals! (Ali--in the purple shirt--even came with mustache!)

Ashley, our pina colada mastah!


Now let's talk about an embarrassing story. I went for a run and left around 6pm. I figured I could take my sweet time and the latest I could be back was 7pm because everyone was coming at 7:30pm. Well, as I was running I had the thought that I should get back early but I ignored it because I really wanted to make 4 miles. I walked instead of running. It was too hot and humid and I already had a headache. So I was about to cross the street into my apt complex and I recognized one of my friends in their car pulling in. Begin FREAK OUT. I looked at my watch and it was only 7. So I sprinted to my apartment and found a few more of my friends waiting outside my door frantic because they had tried to call me and I hadn't answered my phone or the door so they were thinking the worst. I was so embarrassed. I must have missed the memo that said the time was moved to 7pm! I was sweaty in my running shorts and tank top with my iPod blasting and here everyone was arriving. Ohmalantus. So I ushered them all in with a stream of apologizes, changed super fast and the partying began. It was fine and they were so forgiving but I was mortified. What a horrible hostess! Thank goodness I cleaned before I went for a run. We ate, chatted, laughed, watched Nacho Libre and laughed so more. Good times. I love Jack Black. 

Fun Fact. I used my dishwasher for the first time tonight. I've never had enough dishes where I felt the need to use my dishwasher.
And, truth be told, I really don't know how to use dishwashers. I know. I know
I mean I figured it out (with the help of my friend Gloria), but I didn't grow up with dishwasher in my house (unless you count my brother, but I guess that doesn't really count now does it?). I had one in one of my apartments during college but it was horrible and left a nasty film on our dishes so I have always done my dishes by hand. I inspected the dishes a few minutes ago and this dishwasher appears pretty legit. I'm impressed. No nasty films, no residue. Maybe I'll use it a little more often now! 

Next I will wrap up this post with a patient story from today. I have this patient who is the quite possibly the most spoiled rotten, childish male patient I have met yet. I mean he tried to convince the hospital his yappy, annoying chihuahua was a service dog. Are you kidding me? The dog was yapping at patients, snapping at nurses. That is NOT a service dog. The patient refuses physical therapy, claims he won't eat and can't be on a diabetic diet (uh ok, your blood sugars are ONLY in the 300 and 400s...Clearly you "shouldn't" be on a diabetic diet. FALSE. But don't worry. I told Dr. W wouldn't upgrade his diet so. Muahahahah. Thank you Dr. W!) Well, I went to do my follow-up assessment today and the patient is supposed to get a PB & J sandwich in the evenings. Well, apparently his sandwich didn't have enough jelly and this is how he chose to tell me. Just prepare yourself. He told me the amount of jelly that was on his sandwich was the amount a poor black man would use. I'm NOT exaggerating one tiny bit. 
What an absolutely bigoted, stereotypical, HORRIBLE, completely inappropriate and uncalled for thing to say. He's lucky he wasn't looking at my face because I can assure you I had to mentally think and concentrate to force my face to stop screwing up in anger and shock, physically bite my tongue, and I'm pretty sure flames were flickering in my eyes. I was so appalled. I didn't even know what to say. I chose not to even comment because I was afraid if I opened my mouth, I would say something I might regret. So I took a few breaths, tried to  stop myself from seeing red, and as calmly as I could muster, told him I'd see if we could get some extra jelly on there. 
Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend will be here. HALLELUJAH!!!

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