Saturday, May 5, 2012

Farmer's Market and A Baby Green Thumb

I went to a Farmer's Market today! 

I went to one last weekend when I was with my Aunt Leslie in Wilmington, NC and it was really neat. It had a ton of plants and not much produce but it was still really cool. I like farmer's markets. So, I went to one this morning in Georgetown, SC with my co-worker Anna and her friend Kelly. It was small, being that it's the beginning of the season, but awesome. I've heard it gets a lot bigger. I can't wait! There was a lot of produce and a few plants and flowers. 

I was hoping to get a basil plant. I really, really, really wanted one.
We got there and walked around, checking the prices and the produce and finally, after scoping everything out, I decided I have to get some tomatoes (3 for $1!) and some strawberries ($5 for 1/2 gallon). 

I saw it! A basil plant! 
And I bought it!  
And I rubbed its leaves and inhaled its delicious smell.
Bliss I tell you. BLISS. 

On my way home, I bought some potting soil and a pretty pot and potted my very first plant. My baby green thumb's first potted plant!

 Then I became ridiculously productive. 
I cleaned the rust off of my beach cruiser. Well, some of it. I dumped a bunch of baking soda paste on some spots and I'll let it work its magic and clean it off later. I don't know if that will work but it seemed to be working. I did some laundry, vacuumed, took out the trash, cleaned my kitchen, and did some dishes. Then I had some honey Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and almonds. Yum!

 Next, I added some potting soil to the plant in my living room and watered it. It was looking a little sad because the top part it so heavy that it had started to grow straight out horizontally. Poor thing. I couldn't have that. So I went out, got some sticks and created a make-shift "splint" for the poor dear. 

Looks much better.
 And yes that's the basil plant next to it. I read that when you transplant basil you should leave it indoors for a couple of days to let it recuperate from the trauma. I kind of laughed when I read that but I want it to survive through the summer so I'm not taking any chances.

Then I cleaned my aluminum bakeware and they look like new!!!! I was pretty excited about that because the cleaning solution (lemon juice and boiling water) didn't appear to be working but add in a little elbow grease and voila! It works! And now I am preparing to make some homemade whole wheat French bread (in 80 degree weather...I know, I'm borderline crazy but I like it better than store bought stuff) for grilled tomato, basil, mozzarella sandwiches. Yum! I can't wait! 

Oh! Oh! OH! AND!!!
Remember how I said I was reading "The Shoemaker's Wife"? Well. I got so caught up in zipping through and finishing "Sarah's Key" and doing a bajillion other things that I was happily taking my sweet time getting through "The Shoemaker's Wife." Sadly, I discovered last Sunday that I had to return the book Monday and I was only, maybe, a third of the way through. What's a girl to do?!? I could zip through it and pay the late fee but I didn't want to do that. That's like chowing down a gourmet meal; you wouldn't even get to enjoy it. So...I bought it. Yup. I did. I found a used (how used could it really be?? The book was just released!) copy on Amazon and bought it. So every day, sometimes 2-3 time per day, I would sign on to Amazon to see if the book had been shipped. It hadn't. So yesterday I e-mailed the sender and what do you know, within an hour of sending my e-mail I got a confirmation e-mail that it had been shipped!!! I don't know if it's because of my e-mail or coincidence but who the heck cares?!? MY BOOK IS COMING!!! And now I can read it as fast or as slowly as I want and then read it again. And again. And anytime I want. 
I can't wait.

Addendum: Whole wheat french bread right out of the oven + fresh basil from the new plant + fresh tomatoes from the farmer's market + fresh mozzarella + olive oil + cracked pepper = 


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