Monday, May 21, 2012

Dreams and the Hunt for Black Squid Ink Pasta

I have a tentative 5 year plan. I'm not going into all the details because, truthfully, I have about 3 different 5 year plans depending on this, that, and the other. One of those plans was created because sometimes I toy with the idea of becoming a physician's assistant (PA). Why? Because I would get to basically practice like a doctor without all of the schooling. And I crave to know everything doctors know because it just absolutely fascinates me!!!! I just want to know!!! IT'S SO. COOL. In fact, our ICU dietitian was telling me today that one of the doctors was testing everyone in rounds this morning. I was jealous. I want to be tested! I want to learn! I want to know what the BNP should be in someone with mild vs. severe heart failure!!!!

Anyway, I don't normally talk about dreams because trying to explain them is just too tricky but this one deserves to be shared. It's really funny. At least I thought it was. I had a dream that I was back at school working on becoming a PA but the school I was at was Hogwartz-esque. It was awesome. Old buildings, shiny wood everywhere, brilliant minds zipping around. I don't remember if I was wearing spiffy robes but probably. I'm going to be pretend that I was. I had part of a schedule in my hand and one of my classes was on "Doctor's Handwriting." Legit. No joke. How to write like a doctor. I think with my sloppy handwriting, I'd ace this class. I even had worksheets where I was supposed to practice writing the statement but in "doctor's handwriting," aka illegible. I suppose subconsciously you can tell that I spend a great deal of time trying to decipher doctor's progress notes. I do. Back to the dream. As I was rushing through the crowds of students, who do I bump into but the infamous Dr. W! I told him I was going to become a PA. He thought it was cool and then walked away and I went back to my Harry-Potter-like bedroom and started studying. And then I woke up. Bummer. But it was such a cool dream.

Now, Clary will be here on Thursday and so I've planned out a menu while she is here. One entree includes black squid ink pasta, which I have been dying to try in f o r e v e r. Well a few weeks back I found it at Home Goods but declined buying it. Bad idea. I went tonight and they didn't have it. Sad, sad day. In fact, I didn't find anything I wanted in Home Goods. That NEVER happens!!! I think they are in between shipments or something, you know, getting ready for summer stuff. Then I even tried World Market and they didn't have it. Jeepers. What has a girl got to do to get some black squid ink pasta around here??? 

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Jean said...

well you know what I think about PA school! ;) I think that would be SO awesome. :)