Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have about 157 thoughts zipping through my head at any given time. It's exhausting. Prepare for random thoughts. 

I'm a busy girl. 

I have a wedding in a few days to prepare for and I'm freaking out. I have to pack. I have to meticulously plan outfits. Do you know how exhausting that is for me? I mean I am meeting new siblings. And attending a wedding. And seeing family I've not seen a while. Hello! I gotta look good. I'm freaking out. 

My clothes are not good enough. My bathing suit is so last season. I'm bored with my wardrobe. And my legs are white. I have had no time to get to the beach. If I get lost or stranded somewhere, I'll just flash my white legs.

My hair looks stupid. I went to get it trimmed yesterday because the ends were looking a little fluffy (aka the split ends were taking over and I was close to losing my sanity. I had OCD when I was little. I "grew out of it" but sometimes my OCD (or perhaps it's perfectionism?) manifests itself, like when I notice how many split ends I have and then all I want to do is pick them. It's annoying.). Anyway, I went to the hair salon to get a trim and SERIOUSLY, if I had a dollar for each time someone commented on how thick my hair is, I'd have a nice chunk of change. I was taking the bobby pins out of my hair and the stylist shouts (literally), "OOOOOOOOOOOOH WE HAVE A THICK ONE OVER HERE TODAY!!!!" I was a tad mortified. Amused, but mortified. Thankfully there were only 3 other customers in the salon but for the love! Come on! And now my hair looks short. Growing out hair is such a long, frustrating process, especially when you have dry hair like mine that requires constant trims to keep it healthy. For. the. love.  

For kicks I put on the dress I bought for my mom's wedding last night. Bad idea. I was having a really bad evening and so I'm not sure why I decided to try on a dress when I was already feeling like the pits because you darn well know when you already feel horrible about yourself, finding more flaws is a piece of cake. It was. I'm mad. 

My life is currently crazy busy so I haven't had time to get into a consistent running schedule. I'm a little frustrated with that; so much so that I had a "nightmare" last night about the marathon and how the day had arrived and I hadn't trained and wasn't ready. So, today I ran 5 miles. I can do this. 

I am considering going back to school and I'm giddy about it. 

Being home was great. It went by way too quickly but I enjoyed every nanosecond of it. I can't wait for Christmas. More to come on my trip home later. 

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Erinn Meyer said...

You stop!! You're going to look fabulous!!