Friday, June 29, 2012

My Guy Scotty

 Scotty has arrived. 
It's been quite a week!
He arrived Tuesday afternoon and my manager (who is AWESOME) let me leave early Tuesday to be there to meet him. Then, because I had worked ahead, she told me if I finished all my patients, I wouldn't need to come back. Fortunately, I finished early and was able to stay at home for the rest of the day. I'm so glad because I think he was a bit traumatized from the move and coming to a new place. It took him a few hours to get back to his normal self. I went crazy and bought treats and toys for him and he wasn't interested! For the love. I took him for a few walks and it was the cutest thing watching him trying to learn to hop down the curbs of sidewalks. You see, he's mostly blind. Well, according to the vet he's completely blind but I disagree; I think he's still got some peripheral vision because he stops himself justintheknickoftime before he runs into sprinklers, small trees, and other things. He was exploring like crazy but he's a blimey genius dog. Now when I say "let's go home" or "let's go inside" he knows where I mean. He's brilliant. He catches on quick!

So let me tell you, I love having him here. It's nice to have him to look forward to when I get home. He does the most darling snort dance and smothers me with kisses and yelps of joy. It melts my heart every time. Wednesday was a rough day for me though. I was fretting and worried sick about leaving him alone by himself for the first time. I left ESPN on and the AC so he would have "some company" and be cool (because it's, you know, in the 90s this week and with the humidity the heat index is somewhere in the 100s). I almost cried when I left Wednesday morning because I felt so bad. You want to see a puppy face, just tell Scotty you have to go and he shatters your heart. Boy I felt like a horrible person. So I rushed home and he was fine. Whew.
And he's been accident free so far! Then, I took him for a walk and he was great. I had to leave for a church youth group where I would only be gone for about an hour and half and I teared up. I just felt terrible leaving him alone! I'm betting I'm going to be one of those moms who cries the first night I go out with my husband and leave my first child with a babysitter. 

I still have a hard time leaving him to even go to the gym in my complex. It's going to take some adjusting but I hope he's happy here. Thank goodness there are a lot of grassy areas around my complex for him to run and sprint and I bought a long leash so he has some supervised freedom. He's used to at least an acre of land to run around care free in so I feel bad that he has to be leashed every time we go out. He does well with it.  

Among the many fun things I love about have Scotty are the little quirks he has. He likes to hide his treats so when I come home he might have one shoved behind a couch pillow or in between cushions. I went into my bedroom to change and in the corner of my room he left his treat. He's so funny! 

He's a great cuddle buddy.
He took a nap on me yesterday. 

And now when creepy old men hit on me at work, I can tell them I have special guy in my life. He's got salt and pepper hair, beautiful eyelashes (legit, they look like the late Amy Winehouse's eye lashes), he smothers me with kisses when I get home, and we go on long walks together. Sounds pretty grand right? He is. 


Rachel Staves said...

So fun! Dan wants to know how he got there :)

Clary Brown said...

SCOTTY!!! I love him! and yes "your special man" sounds dreamy!!

GP said...

I thought your mom always played classical music for him.