Sunday, June 24, 2012

And They Will Live Happily Ever After

The festivities of June 2012 have nearly concluded. 
Let's recap, shall we?

Week One: Dane's graduation
The beaming grad. Yay!

Madre and Me

Week Two: Mom and Dan's wedding in California
Awww the cute love birds! 

My *parents*!

Week Three: Heath and Emma's wedding in Washington (state)
This is my fav ^

My brothers right before Heath left to help with the final wedding preparations. 
I love my brothers. 

Dane and I dressed and ready to go!
I secretly hated that dress. Bad decision on my part.

Nick and Heath: childhood best friends
Nick flew all the way from NH to attend Heath's wedding. If that isn't the epitome of a best friend, I just don't know what is. 

Week Four: Scotty arrives...on Tuesday!!!! T-minus 2 days
I got off the plane yesterday and headed straight to the pet supply store to get a leash, a proper walking harness, food and water bowls, and some starter treats. I am SO EXCITED!!! I got off the phone with our neighbors who are sending him off tomorrow morning and they gave me an excellent report. He's ready! 
I am so excited for my little "luce"!

Now. Today is Sunday and I'm jet-lagged upon jet-lag so I was feeling very lazy. But then I remembered that I have to make some good rolls for Wednesday because I'm teaching my church's young women youth group how to make a quick, yummy roll (because we're talking about our divine rolls...haha, get it??! Sorry, couldn't pass that one up!) and to do that I needed a good, easy recipe. I thought I found one a few weeks ago, buuuuut I wasn't satisfied. I was about to give up the hunt when I spotted a homemade French roll recipe.
 French bread? 
Say no more. 
Done and done.So I read the recipe (easy) and off I went!


I pulled them out of the oven and didn't even wait for them to cool. I popped one steaming hot piece in my mouth. Crunch!, followed by a tender, chewy inside. I put a little buttah on it and oooooooooooh my lantus I was in heaven. So I had another. And then polished off a third and told myself that was enough. 

DIVINE rolls indeed! 

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