Saturday, July 14, 2012

3 Day Weekend

I've been anticipating this weekend. I'm in need of a vacation, but that won't be until the beginning of August, though it's for another wedding and I'm actually in this wedding so I'm not sure I would entirely call that a vacation, but it should be fun. I'll take an extended weekend though. My colleague and I have had a rough couple of months being short-staffed. The workload ebbs and flows but lately it's been flowing generously and basically we're getting burnt out. You know the feeling right? Every day around 2pm when we still have 6 patients to see and all of our notes to type up and our blood sugar dips, we just become crazy. Mostly it's amusing, sometimes we have vent sessions, and usually we talk about how much frozen yogurt we want.

Friday Scotty got me up at 5:45am. I can't get too upset with him because it is technically  a weekday and usually I get up at 6am so we can go for a nice leisurely walk in the mornings. I took him and out and then went back to bed and woke up at 9am. Lovely. I had big plans for my Friday. And it involved Dun. Dun. Dun.
First, I went to Old Navy to get some shorts that my mom and friend Jen raved about. I admit I was very skeptical. Old Navy and I had a good thing going a few years ago and then all of the sudden the quality and fit of their clothing took a hard nosedive and I haven't been impressed, or a customer, since. But I am in need of good shorts so I thought why not? I went, I saw, I tried on. They fit. Oh my gosh and they are cute. And comfy! And on sale! Sweet! I bought sunshine yellow and khaki/beige. They did not have orchid (below) or aquamarine in my size so...I ordered them online. I'm pretty excited.
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Next, I went to the beach. It was a bit overcast yesterday, which is my favorite beach weather because it's hot but the sun isn't beating down on me. It was wonderful. I read for a couple of hours, I swam and floated and dove and body surfed in the water for an hour or so. I am definitely a fan of warm beach water, but not the idea of lurking sharks. I got burned on my legs. Ouch. I am a walking radiator. I have been studiously applying aloe vera lotion to my legs, which feels great, and then Scotty comes along and licks it off (one of his quirks, he loves to lick lotion). Oddly enough, it feels good. True to "good" sunburns, I'm not feeling so great today so I'm thinking it's going to be a very lazy day. 
Then I met up with my pals Jen, Allie, and Marissa and we went shopping at the Tangor Outlets. It was my first time. Let me just tell you, I love a good bargain. Our first store was the Gap Outlet. I walked it, saw a pair of "watermelon sorbet" shorts, tried them on, loved them, and bought them for a whopping $12. Score #1. Next we went to Banana Republic. Now let me just tell you I love lounge wear because basically it's what I live in in the winter. And I'm all about comfort. There was this darling "lounge wear" top on sale, like 70% off!!!, and I put it on and had a big grin appear on my face dreaming of winter, curling up with a mug of hot chocolate to watch a flick or read a book. Bought it. Saved myself $50. Score #2. Gosh I love a good deal. 

After a couple of hours of walking around, we decided to end our successful shopping day with....frozen yogurt!!! Who's surprised, I mean really? We went to Sweet Frogs and marked off another one of our froyo places on our list. 
This place was good. I got cookies 'n cream, choc/PB swirl, and cupcake (basically what I always get). The cookies 'n cream was the best I've had so far. Their choc/PB was not that great. Bust. Their cupcake was really, really good. Their toppings were excellent: good variety (and they had cookie dough!! Yum!!), chopped up nicely, AND they had Nutella topping. +++++ points for that! However, they rank a close #2. I stand by Orange Leaf as my #1 choice.  
Then we headed back to my apartment and watched "The Artist," which I hadn't seen before. I was very impressed. It definitely deserved the awards it received. 

I went to bed around 1:30am and since I took Scotty out late last night I was hoping he would sleep in. Nope. He started doing his obnoxious fake sneezes, which are his way of telling me he wants to go out and trust me...they are AH-nnoying, around 5:30am. I was not a happy camper. I told him we were not going out at 5am and that I needed to sleep. And the sweet little guy that he is, he let me sleep in until 7:30. Thank you Scotty!!!  I'll take it! I contemplated going back to bed when we got back from his walk but it was already 8 so I tidied up a few things and then crawled back into bed and e-mailed, pinterested, facebooked, ordered a new bathing suit, foodgawked (this website is like Pinterest but better and only for recipes. Go check it out now. I'm serious), and (obviously) decided to do a little blogging. Also, my friends and I are throwing a "S'mores party" next week: s'mores bars, s'mores pops, s'mores rice crispy treats, and maybe s'mores cupcakes. Oh HECK yes. 
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all crafts How To Make Smores Pops {smores recipe}
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I'm supposed to go to a BBQ tonight and then hit up a Pelicans game later and maybe get some pizza at this great place called Mellow Mushroom afterward. It's our new "thing" after we go to a Pelicans game. For now, I'll stay in bed and bask in the laziness (and medicinal relief of aloe vera lotion). 

Lazy Saturdays are the best.

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