Monday, July 16, 2012


I had a great chat with my friend Marissa as we were walking along the boardwalk back to our cars after eating donuts at 11:30pm Friday night (which was awesome--the donuts, the chatting, the conversation, and the ocean--all of it). She's been to Spain and she was telling me all about it and of course I was eating up her words, stories and descriptions like a starving person. Then she and her roommate Allie came over last night and we watched "Letters to Juliet" (cheesy chick flick but it takes place in Italy so who the heck cares!?). 

Marissa and I have decided that if we aren't married by the time we are 30, we're up and moving to Europe.

It's on. 
to travel is to
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Is it weird that now I'm hoping I don't get married until after 30 so I can move to Europe?

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joleisa said...

Funny choice, but why not to move to Europe with your husband if you will marry before 30?)